Monday, February 2, 2015

Typical January Moments

In response to B's ten requests a day that we go to the zoo to see the "Peatock" and the "Hippopau-mus," and to celebrate Uncle Seth's birthday without him, we went to the zoo on January 13.  Except for the fact that I keep forgetting that the Seattle temperature is often ten degrees colder than it is at home, it is pretty fun to go to the zoo in the winter.  Sometimes it feels like we have the whole zoo to ourselves, since we are the only ones crazy enough to brave the icy temperatures for an hour or two at a time.  
 B was excited to see the hippos out of the water, waddling around on their stumpy little legs.  Hippopotamuses have got to be one of the most adorably ridiculous looking animals in creation.  Don't be deceived, though.  They are one of the most dangerous animals in Africa.  They are very territorial, and have terrible eyesight, so they will charge anything.  Also, they can't swim.
 B believes that everything Jared does is inspired.  He follows him around all day trying to get his attention, or do everything he does.  Climbing an elephant? Brilliant!
  Incidentally, did you know that elephants grow for their entire lives?  They can live to be over eighty years old, so that is a lot of years of growing.  Both of the living elephants in our zoo are in their thirties.
This penguin developed a fascination with B, or the little spots of color on his hat.
 B would step away from the glass, and then step back, and the penguin would go crazy.
 This may have been the highlight of B's life so far.  He LOVES penguins.
 I found a pedal bike Eloise's size for $2.50 at a Martin Luther King day sale.  She hasn't had as many chances to practice on it as she would like, since bending over to hold onto her while jogging along makes my pregnant body very unhappy.  She loves her big bike, though, and will certainly be pedaling around the neighborhood before the end of summer.
 B wanted his portrait taken with his little bike.
 Jared also loves his bike.  He has only lost his enthusiasm for riding in pouring rain.  One morning we went out to walk the dog, and found that the streets were covered in a thick layer of frost.  There were a lot of slick spots.  Jared did very well until he was riding around a circle as fast as he could and his bike slid out from under him.  He jumped up, pride wounded, and angrily announced that he was so mad that he wanted to throw the bike away.  He would NEVER, EVER ride it again.  I would have to carry it home if I wanted to keep it.  Eloise, ever the good sport, got out of the stroller to help walk Jared's bike home.  Suddenly, Jared demanded the bike back, jumped on, and was riding around the circle again at full speed, heedless of the icy danger.  He is getting very independent on the bike. He is comfortable riding five or six blocks ahead of me around the neighborhood.
 The children love to wrestle with Daddy when he comes home from work.  They can usually be motivated to get ready for bed, brush their teeth, and say their prayers ahead of his arrival to maximize the amount of time they have to climb on him.  Do you sisters of mine remember wrestle fights?  The kids have also been good at getting Daddy out of bed to keep his new year's resolution of doing situps and pushups most days.  They make some adorable little drill sergeants/exercise companions.
 I took this photo because it is so typical of how our dining room table looks at lunch time.  We usually do school right before lunch, so here we have someone's half finished art project, a pile of books at one end of the table, and a microscope waiting for us to finish lunch and get back to work.  B has no pants on because he typically goes through at least three pairs of pants per day, what with spills, mud, a strong attraction to markers, and other unavoidable catastrophes.
 It's a good thing he is so cute.
 Our daily dog walk was starting to be met with daily protests, so we are mixing things up a little bit with different outside activities.  Some days we go to the park and let the dog swim while we look for shells and throw rocks in the water.  B seems to have learned from his one experience chasing ducks into the lake, and stays back an inch or two from the water.  I think Eloise may have learned from the experience pictured below that staying in her silk pajama pants all day is not that great an idea in the winter.  "Mom! I'm FREEZING!" Yes, well. . .
 This car racer was the best Christmas present ever.  It moves around the house with him, and he narrates his races.
 "Uh-oh! Train stuck! Put car in.  This car not fit.  Zoom! Cars go down! Whoa!"
B has developed a method of giving emphasis to things in his speech, without always screaming things.  He comes to tattle on one of his siblings and say, "Mommy! Eloise and Eloise and Eloise!" And then looks at me expecting me to be outraged at the great injustice done.  Today Jared informed me that there is only one moon in our solar system that has an atmosphere (Jupiter's moon, Titan, which he went on to inform me is from Greek mythology- thank you interesting library book on tape).  B was sitting on my lap and turned around to repeat Jared's interesting piece of information in the following manner, complete with brandishing one finger in my face, "One moon and one moon and one moon."  He was very satisfied with himself for providing me with interesting information.  If being cute is an art form, B is a master.  From calling Jared "Jay-rot" to following me around saying, "Why you doin' that, Mommy?" he's got my heart in the palm of his hand.  I think he does it on purpose.

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