Saturday, February 21, 2015


We were due for a family adventure, so we took President's day afternoon (February 16) to drive to Deception Pass State Park and visit the tidepools. Rosario Beach, where the tidepools are located, was closed so that we had to park outside of the gate, and the bathrooms were locked.  This was bad news for the bladder with a baby resting on it after the hour and a half drive to get there, but it gave us an opportunity to see some other parts of the park as we looked for an open bathroom.  We discovered Bowman Bay, which has a playground, a rocky beach, and a fishing pier.  
 The Christensens were meeting us at Rosario Beach at low tide, so we had a little time to kill running races on the pier.
 I couldn't get them all to look at me for the picture, but they were all looking in the same direction.  I think they saw a seagull.
Low tide was around 4:15 p.m.  The rocks are slick and sharp with barnacles under the seaweed, but this time we were prepared for the chill of the wind on the water.  Honestly, I think it was probably comparably cold this time to last time we came here.  The long pants and boots did protect the kids from scrapes, though.
Grant got the only injury when he fell hard onto one of his hands and got a small gash.  As always, the pools were alive with moving crabs, anemones, limpets, sea snails, chitons, red algae, mussels, barnacles, and lots of other things that we haven't learned to identify yet.
B discovered the joy of watching anemones close up after you touch them, and went from pool to pool looking for anemones.  I was impressed that he learned to identify them on his own.
When it was starting to get late, we herded the reluctant kids away from rock scrambling and crab watching to throw rocks into the water along the beach.

This was a treacherous outing for me, since my balance is terrible with my skewed center of gravity, but it was worth it for this beautiful day at the beach.  
 I had planned on B napping in the car on our way to the tidepools, but he didn't.  He held up pretty well for most of the time, with only a few problems with impulse control.  At about dinner time he fell apart and threw a tantrum because I wouldn't let him bring Max's bike onto the beach with the deep, coarse sand.  That was our signal to move off of the beach for our picnic.

 We had a beautiful sunset view of Puget Sound as we ate dinner (and froze a little more).

By the time we were done eating, we were ready to warm up in the car, make one last stop at a bathroom we found at a nearby boat launch, and head home.  I'm glad we decided to delay the completion of my kitchen cabinets to have an outing together.  It was just what our family needed.  

If this day wasn't already perfect enough, we got word right before we left for this adventure that my sister, Cheyenne, had delivered a healthy baby girl! Welcome to the world, Victoria Christine Warnock!  We can't wait to meet you.

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