Sunday, February 8, 2015

Some two year old mysteries solved

First, the mystery of why B goes through three to four pairs of pants every single day: 
 What? You don't have a pond form in your driveway every time it rains?  Your child isn't compelled to run into every single standing puddle or patch of mud that he comes across?  Do you let your two year old out of the house when it rains?  I'm afraid that this little man will not be kept indoors, or out of the puddles, which he splashes up to his belly button, even if they are only as deep as his ankles.
 When he isn't running through puddles, he is picking up rocks and mud to fling into them, so that he ends up having a bath almost every single day, even on the days when baths aren't scheduled.  It's a good thing he is cute.  I just wish he didn't feel like he needed me with him for every moment of his bath, when I often have one of his siblings in another shower at the same time.
My boys got haircuts this week.  B screamed and squirmed for the whole thing.  I held him on my lap as I cut his hair, but the screaming and squirming explain the mystery of the couple of spots on his head that are not nearly the same length as all of the other hair.  Jared, who hates the hair falling in his face, sat very still for his haircut.  This is probably because I had an episode of Wild Kratts playing for him to watch.

We got an amazing Valentine package from our cousins this week.  Thank you Campbells!  Jared had asked me the day before if he could request a package from someone containing skittles, and the next day, out of the blue, your package arrived, full of skittles.  Jared remarked that the skittles must have been Rachel's idea, because Rachel is so cool.
At any given moment, someone can be found wearing a heart necklace or two, and B accidentally slept with a slap on bracelet the first night after the package arrived, since it was tucked under his sleeve and I didn't notice it.  He loves this fuzzy owl, and it has gained a rare place on his bed where only Elmo was permitted in the past.
 If B loves the owl, it is nothing to how Eloise loves the unicorn.  It has gone everywhere with her since the package was opened, and is starting to look a little worse for wear already.  Jared and Eloise have discussed at length whether unicorns should be winged or not.  Jared thinks that a Pegasus unicorn would be more interesting.   Everything that relates to Greek mythology is more interesting to Jared.  He was deeply disappointed when we couldn't find a pomegranate at the grocery store, since he had wanted one since he heard the story of Persephone in the underworld.  He says his favorite story is the one of Athena being born from Zeus's head.  It is exciting to rediscover how many references to Greek mythology can be found in our culture.

  Eloise opted out of going on our dog walk on Friday afternoon, and we came home to find her like this:
 I guess that the house was a little quiet with us gone.  B was first alarmed by finding Eloise asleep on the couch, and then he thought it was hilarious, so he tried to copy her.
 The others saw the camera come out and decided to join in the fun.
 We did start making Valentines to send to cousins before we got our Valentine package, but then we chose this weekend to disassemble our kitchen so that the cabinets could be repainted.  Todd and Jordanne have been doing all of the sanding and painting while I keep the kids out of the way and attend to all of the other housework.  This is how we eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner until we are done putting coats of paint on the cabinets, the paint is dry, and we can move everything off of the tables and back into the cabinets.  So probably until Tuesday.
Maybe we will be able to dig the Valentines out of the wreckage, finish them, and get them sent this week.  The new, realistic goal is to get them sent by March.  I'm sure you will all be pleased to know that my cabinets are going to look great.  That should more than compensate for the staleness of the candy.   Happy Valentine's day!

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