Monday, February 2, 2015

Midwinter Beach Party

In a tradition made necessary by the interminable bleakness of January and February, we held our annual midwinter beach party on January 31.  Jared and Eloise were in charge of most of the particulars of the party this year.  I'm feeling proud of myself because we were even organized enough to hand out invitations.  I had a moment of panic the night before the party when I realized that a total of 21 children had been invited, along with their parents.  I had no idea that such a high number of people could potentially show up.  We ended up with a more reasonable 15 children, including our own, and it was delightful chaos.  I felt a little silly explaining our beach party tradition as we handed out invitations the week before the party in very un-wintry weather.  We had sunshine and temperatures around 60.  Fortunately the day of the party dawned bleak and foggy, so we were vindicated.
 The slush we made was probably the highlight for most of the kids. We tried freezing it in round discs that fit in our snow cone machine, but Todd says that this method is not efficient enough for future parties.  I think his arm got tired.
 Not having learned our lesson last year, we again attempted sand in the house.  I did remember how much our vacuum protested at having to pick up 5 lbs. of sand last year, so I moved the sand to a hard floor.  The result was a lovely sanded spot on the wood, all ready for a new coat of finish, which we someday intend to put on all of our hardwood floors.  B was delighted to wear his "frog shorts."  I did not tell him that he was wearing a swimming suit because I did not want him to be angry that we weren't swimming.
Max and Grant did not think that it was warm enough in the house to be in shorts, especially while holding a cup of ice.

 We made kinetic sand in an attempt to thwart the instinct to dump sand all over the floor, but the perpetual dampness of the sand was not enough to keep the sand in the box, especially after B discovered that he could make piles of sand and then make hand prints in them.  Our vacuum was very grateful that we did not do this on carpet.
 We taped paper to the floor so that the kids could make a giant mural out of sidewalk chalk.  We also had a table set up with legos and coloring pages, and we moved our smallest bike and scooter into the basement for the small kids to ride around on.
 It was a great party.  Jared made the right call insisting that we hold our party on a Saturday so that dads could come.  Even Todd had a good time.
 I don't know how I managed to not get a single picture with Jared in it.  I promise he was there. Eloise made it into the background of a couple of pictures. Jared was so busy having fun that he said that we should not bother playing this "Pin the fins on the fish" game that he conceived and Eloise created.  We saved it for our family home evening activity instead.
 The great thing about hosting a party is that you get to continue enjoying all of the things prepared for the party after all of the guests are gone.
I might just have to put on a winter coat and get myself a cup of slush. 

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