Saturday, February 21, 2015

Early Spring

Well, it kept raining here for a few days, and we thought that winter might be back, but it really isn't.  Bushes are blooming and bulbs are sprouting, and the world will not be convinced that it is actually still February.  
Time seems to speed up for me, too, when my days are spent playing with these little goofballs.  
We have a new rule that the amount of time spent in front of screens cannot be longer than the amount of time already spent outside in a day.  Usually we spend much more time outside than in front of screens, but the possibility that a missed dog walk will mean a missed video later in the day effectively motivates three little people to put on their shoes and jackets in the mornings, no matter what the weather looks like.  Rainy days are great for "creature rescues," otherwise known as picking up worms from the road to put back in the dirt.  
Eloise cannot stay unhappy when she is snuggled in Mommy and Daddy's bed, especially if there is a fuzzy blanket involved.  We like to curl up here and chat about life.  Here is a recent conversation: 
Me: What if we named our new baby Todd?
Eloise: Just like in "The Fox and the Hound!" 
Me: Yeah! Also like your daddy.  
Jared: The one in "The Fox and the Hound" only had one D.  Daddy has two.
Eloise: But the new baby should be named Adam.  Jared will be sad if it isn't.  
 We stopped on one of our walks to see if our neighbors wanted to come ride bikes with us, and got horribly sidetracked by this little electric car.  I don't blame them.  I wish I could drive this hot rod.
 Also, it played children's songs with a dog barking in them.  B cried when we put the car away.
 As you can see, the sun has returned from its brief disappearance.  We Knights are making the most of this glorious weather with lots of bike riding, swinging, and trampoline jumping.

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