Monday, February 2, 2015

Adventuring with the Christensens

Have I mentioned yet how glad we are to have the Christensens back in Kirkland permanently?  They have been here all month, so we decided it was high time for an adventure. Grant had last Thursday off of school, so we packed up our picnics, crammed all of the carseats into the car, and headed north to Whidbey Island and Fort Casey.  As far as the Knight children are concerned, there is nothing more exciting than a ferry ride.  The crossing was short, but we managed to get everyone out of their carseats and back in again without holding up the ferry line.  We also had the good fortune to arrive at the ferry terminal just as the ferry was loading, so there was no wait.  
 When we got to Fort Casey, it was time for lunch.  The wind was whipping up from the water, and Eloise and Max were both ready to get back into their warm car seats and head back to the ferry, but Grant would hear none of that.  He told me that he could spend 20,000 hours exploring Fort Casey and never get tired of it.
 Jared wore a tie, "Like some people wear to work."  As you can see, the wind died down a lot after we ate, and everyone was soon warm enough.  Isn't the island view gorgeous?
 I brought the child leash as an after thought, but it turned out to be a literal lifesaver, as Fort Casey was abandoned by the military and turned into a park without much thought given to adding any safety features.  There are a lot of precipices at the top of the bunker that B wanted to lean waaay over.  I was glad to have a hand on his leash at all times.
 Here is one of the stationary guns that is still mounted on top of the fort.  Naval technology advanced enough to make this fort obsolete before the end of World War II.  It was purchased by Washington State Parks in 1954.  Some of the rooms inside have been boarded up, but the majority is like a very dark playground.  Next time we will bring flashlights so that we can get further in.
 The boys were all very enthusiastic about scaling these steep stairs with an inadequate guard rail.  The sign says, "Warning: Hazardous Area."  Eloise went up on her hands and knees.
 This fort is a place of indescribable wonder for small children.  I wish we had had more time to explore. I kept thinking that this would be a great place to play capture the flag, or have a nerf war.

 Eloise ended up dressed in layers.  She had leggings on under her jeans, and a jacket under the fleece sweatshirt.
 We talked about coming back to camp here, until we saw the camping area, which borders a ferry terminal.  Here we are reading the very brief history of the fort (built during World War I, used as a training camp during World War II) before heading back to the ferry.
 When we stopped at a little farm store along the road to look for a treat to help everyone be fine with the hour long drive home, B was already fast asleep.  He woke up in time to get out on the ferry, but by then Max was asleep.
 Here is the ferry portrait of the Knights and Christensens.  We were a little bit slower getting into carseats on the return trip, and we did hold up the ferry line, but only for about two minutes.  There were enough cars in the other lanes that we weren't blocking the entire boatload of cars, and we were soon on our way home.
This was so much fun.  Eloise, who loves ferries, has asked me when we get to go on another adventure.  Jared picked up a Washington State Ferry magazine and has been poring over it, looking for destinations for future adventures.  I don't know if we will get to do this again all in one car, since baby Knight's debut in the next two months will make one carseat too many.  Whether we get to do this again or not, we are definitely glad to have the Christensens back.

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