Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Special Day

I can't believe how much of life we are living outside in February.  It is wonderful.  This is a picture of a picnic we had on our porch after a very long walk on a day when the temperature hovered around 60 degrees.  
 Unexpected warm weather makes homeschooling really fun.  We practice writing letters and numbers using our porch bricks as the lines, and then we play a math game I invented that involves finding the sum of dice rolled, and then Jared tells Eloise or Eloise tells Jared what activity to do that number of times.  Eloise was all for running dozens of laps around the car (she is getting ready for soccer to start in April).  Jared mostly wanted to ride his bike back and forth or climb so many tree branches.
 After church last Sunday, Jared informed me that Dorothy is is best friend, after Eloise.  Eloise immediately adopted Dorothy's younger sister, Alice, as her best friend, and B enthusiastically joined in asking for a play date with Beatrice, the sister his age.  Since we still have the runny noses, I thought it would be best to meet somewhere neutral, where they wouldn't all be sneezing on the same toys, and since the weather continues to cooperate, we had a great play date at the park.
 On Thursday, our washing machine burned up.  I mean I literally smelled burning when I tried to turn it on.  Todd did some investigating and discovered that our washer was thirty years old, so we decided to get a new one.  A bigger one.  It should arrive on Monday.  In the meantime, the Christensens were nice enough to let us do laundry at their house on Friday while Rebecca and I took turns vacuuming out our cars, and the children rode bikes up and down the driveway, read books, dug in the dirt, ran amok in the playroom, did puzzles, and enjoyed playing together.  We walked around the block to Todd's office to join him for lunch, and B even napped in Price's bed.  I am so glad to have them as friends.

This morning I had a feeling that these kids needed a special day.  Eloise has been telling me for a few days that her unicorn (she calls it her pony named Tod) had a birthday coming up, and today was Jared's actual half birthday, so we decided to have a little party.  Jared made this white almond cake while I made breakfast, and I frosted it during lunch.  The Christensens came over, we went for a walk in the woods, ate lunch, and then made cards, sang "Happy Birthday," got out our Rockem-Sockem Robots to play with, and enjoyed this cake, which Eloise decorated in conversation hearts. It was a special day.  Grant even made Jared a half birthday card with lots of pictures of half of things.  
 Here are a couple of pictures of the greatest guy in the world.  You can't see him because he is letting children harass him.
 Today he and Cambell hauled our old washer outside, rewired our furnace so that it uses a plug, so that we can connect it to our generator in case of a power outage, and FINISHED THE KITCHEN CABINETS!!!!
And now, the moment you have all been waiting for: the new kitchen!
Disregard the holes above the stove where the old microwave was, and the new hood is going to go.  I have been wanting the cabinets to be white since before we moved in three years ago.  Todd has been slaving away for three weeks to make my dream come true, and it looks every bit as much better as I thought it would.  For old pictures of the kitchen (and some adorable little tiny Jared faces), please see this post.  Todd is so good to do all of this work for my nesting.

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