Sunday, January 11, 2015

The rest of our Tucson trip

It snowed in Tucson!  Katie told me that the snow stuck to the ground in response to Landon's personal wish.  These little Knights were a little less impressed at the quantity of snow, but they made the most of it anyway.  Jared liked how the snow looked on this barrel cactus.  He got pretty good at cactus identification while we were in the desert.  
 They stayed outside to play until they were good and wet.  I went outside to relieve Grandma as the supervisor, and found her having too much fun to come in.
 When the snow was gone (it stuck for over a day), we went back to the park, bundled up against the cold.  Jared was in denial about how cold it was, since the sun was shining.  He pretended that he was warm enough in a long sleeved shirt, although a bitter wind was blowing.  
 Jared and Eloise decided to ride Grandma and Grandpa's big wheels to the park.  Eloise still fits on the little bike.  Jared looked comically large on his.  He didn't last very long in the park before he asked to go home, and was thrilled when I told him he could ride back by himself, since Grandma and Grandpa's house is visible from the park.
 Eloise finally worked up the courage to hold baby Megan.
 I think Eloise is getting excited to have a baby around the house to help take care of.  B loves baby Megan.  It helps that she can't move around very much, yet, so she is not threatening to his toys.  B is a classic two year old hoarder, especially of cars and train toys.  
 When it was the last time we would see cousins for this trip, we had Jared and Rachel recreate the photo at the end of this post.  Rachel seems to have gotten a lot taller in the last three years.
 B saw that there was some hug action going on, and wanted in.
 Before we knew it, it was a Rachel, Jared, Annie, B, Eloise, and Megan hug.  We miss these cousins a lot already.  We are definitely looking forward to their visit this summer.
 We started home on Saturday, January 3.  We spent the 4th in Utah with Grandma Jill and Great Grandma and Grandpa Richards before driving to Twin Falls for the night.
The highlight of the drive home was the hotel swimming pools where the kids could work off all of the stored up energy from long car rides.  We drove the rest of the way home on Monday, the 5th.  There was some bad weather on the Idaho-Oregon border, a lot of rain coming through the Cascade mountains, and a bit of whining (but not as much as one might expect) from some kids who were tired of being on the road, but we made it home safe and sound to find Seattle warmer than the Tucson we left behind.  I'm sure Grandma and Grandpa are glad to have some peace and quiet in their house again, and uninterrupted nights of sleep, but we miss them a lot.  B woke up from his nap yesterday and announced that he was ready to see Grandpa.  I'm thankful we can video conference to keep the Grandparents close, even when they are a thousand miles away.

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