Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Sunbeam!

We took down our Christmas decorations.  With help from the kids, this can be as fun as putting them up.  Unpacking all of our Christmas presents was like getting to unwrap them again, so we enjoyed it.  Daddy hung our new swing up on the tree in the back yard, and we discovered that all three kids fit on it at once.  Jared is very careful about the weight limit of the swing.  If you teach a child to add, he's going to want to know how much you weigh so that he can determine whether or not you fit on the swing with him.  
 Jared started an art, PE, and swimming class at the YMCA on Friday.  He says his favorite part is the swimming.  Eloise, B, and I found these ducks outside while Jared was in class.  B loves ducks so much that he chased a group of them out into Lake Washington earlier this week, disregarding the fact that his sneakers were on, and that it was 35 degrees outside.  I carry around extra clothes, but not extra shoes. It was a very short trip to the park.
 It isn't just ducks that B loves.  He is very interested in animals lately.  He had a fit when our neighbors took down their light up penguin Christmas decorations, and he has asked every day this week to go to the zoo.  While we were in Tucson, Grandpa showed B a youtube video of goats that can scream like people.  Guess what B's favorite animal sound is now.  He is trying to incorporate screaming noises into his imitations of other animals, too.
I have been reviewing the first Article of Faith with the kids.  When B heard us say "We believe in God, the Eternal Father, and in His son, Jesus Christ, and in the Holy Ghost," he was convinced that we had said "Holy Goat."  You can imagine the goat screams that followed us around for a while.  The memory is giving me a headache.

While Jared was in his class, we went to Home Depot and got some supplies to paint the walls in our house that have been scarred with plaster since we got insulation right after B was born.  I am pretty sure our new baby can't be born until we get the evidence of B's babyhood covered up, and I'm nesting, so I have to be doing something.  Jordanne and I already managed to get one of the walls painted.

Eloise started primary officially today!  She is a sunbeam.  While we were in Tucson, she attended primary, but this was her first week in our own ward in her sunbeam class.  She is very independent.  She even put on her own tights this morning.
I got all of these weird faces when I asked for a smile.

 I kept saying, "Okay, now really smile," until she was too stressed out to remember how smiling works.
 And yet another weird face when she did her picture with Mom.  I got my hair cut on Wednesday, so now we have matching bangs.
I was relieved when B went running into nursery without a backward glance.  I think he was glad to be back with his familiar teachers and toys.  We all love our new 9 a.m. church schedule that doesn't interfere with naps.

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