Sunday, December 28, 2014

What we did in Arizona while we waited for Christmas

When we arrived in Arizona, there was still a week left until Christmas, but we had no trouble making the time fly by.  We visited the Hoefferles. . . 
 . . . made a giraffe costume (her tongue is out because giraffes have 12 inch long tongues, of course). . .
 spent lots and lots of time with cousins, including celebrating Grandma Knight's 60th birthday at the Campbell's house with some silly games. . .
 Todd beat Rachel at this one by two candy canes.  I'm so proud.
 The favorite game for the little kids was throwing marshmallows through a tinsel hoop and into a bowl.  B would throw one marshmallow and then eat one marshmallow.  Win, win.
 Grandma and Grandpa wanted some pictures with the grandkids in their Sunday best, but Jared accidentally turned the hose on himself thirty seconds after we got home from church, so our family didn't participate in this photo shoot.
 Christmas vacation means plenty of time to lounge on Grandpa's bed watching cat videos.
 It also means a chance to see the Christmas displays in the Winterhaven neighborhood.  We did this for family home evening the Monday before Christmas.  We managed to navigate the Christmas lights with all nine children without any major meltdowns this year.  Here are Eloise, Rachel, and McKenzie standing under the fake snow machine that was set up in one yard.
 B loved the weather being so mild that he could run out into the yard without waiting for a jacket.  He spent a lot of time playing with the play kitchen, whether there was anyone else to play or not.

 Grandma got some Christmas crafts for the kids to paint and color.  Eloise loves everything to do with painting and coloring.
 Did I mention that these kids are having fun with their cousins?  Jared and Rachel are going to be very sad when they are parted from each other.  Jared keeps telling me, "Rachel is my best friend."
 B loves "Baby Medan," and seems to make her smile every time he gets her attention.  B also loves Ryan ("Eye-an") and Annie, and runs after them constantly, calling for them to come and play.  I have some cute nieces and nephews.  This is the look Megan gave me when I moved her six inches further away from the Christmas present she was attempting to decimate with drool.
 We had a chance to get together for dinner with our friends the Boerups, Hoefferles, and Broadbents (who didn't make it into the picture) and all nine of our children the night before Christmas Eve.  The children ran around in circles having a great time with friends they don't remember until well past bedtime.
We lost count of the number of cups of juice and water that got knocked over in the mayhem, but it was great to get together.

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