Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ward Christmas Party

Before I post about our ward's annual Christmas party, here are a couple of pictures that I forgot to post before.  This is our post-Thanksgiving adventure in urgent care:
 And decorating our Christmas tree.  We put it off as long as possible, which is to say that we decorated the tree two days after Thanksgiving instead of on Thanksgiving day, as the children requested.
 Of course the tree was up the day before we decorated it, and we spent a long time making chains to put on the tree.  This is Jared mooing as he places ornaments on the tree. Have I told you before about his Cow-man alter ego?  "Mooing to save the world!"
 Are these children excited for Christmas?  Well, yes, but I think they get it from me.

Tonight was our ward's annual Christmas party.  We were delighted to have some of our neighbors come with us, even though they couldn't stay for the whole evening.  I think my favorite moment was during Jared's appearance as Samuel the Lamanite prophesying about the birth of Jesus.  The baby Jesus doll had been placed on the stage before the nativity began.  Jared/Samuel was surprised to see him there, and turned to the narrator to say, "But he isn't born yet!"
My other favorite moment was a few minutes later when Jared was walking off the stage with the other children and we heard him very clearly saying, "I need to go pee!"  He was mysteriously absent from the next number.
 My favorite non-Jared moment was this little shepherd in the front brandishing his staff at the audience in a menacing way until after the curtain closed on his back.
 Jared was so excited to see Santa. When we were singing so that Santa would come, Jared bellowed louder than any of the 150 other people in the cultural hall.  He raced three year old Trevor to the front of the Santa line so that he could give Santa a gift and ask if he was on the nice list.  Don't mind Jared's tired face.  He spent the ENTIRE day before this running in circles with excitement about seeing Santa, so you can't blame him for being a bit worn out.
 Eloise was also excited to see Santa, and brave enough to sit on his lap this year.  In this picture you can see evidence of the tumble she took off a folding chair a few minutes before the nativity pageant started.  She split her chin and bruised her cheek pretty spectacularly, but it wasn't serious enough to miss seeing Santa.

I asked B if he wanted to sit on Santa's lap, and he said, "No, thank you."  He was content to tell Santa merry Christmas. We got home WAAAAAY past bedtime, full of sugar and Christmas cheer.  Merry Christmas everyone!  Only twelve more days. 

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