Friday, December 12, 2014

Snow Day!

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we woke up to snow!  Jared woke up first, as usual, at the crack of 6:30, and had everyone else up before 7:00 to go out and play before the snow melted.  Jared's enthusiasm was infectious.  
 He was convinced that the snow fell in response to his personal wish for snow.  He was in and out of the house all morning.
 I was tied to the house with my gimpy foot, so I didn't get to experience all of the snow fun.
 Because it was so cold, the snow was very powdery, and not great for building snowmen.  The fact that it was a light dusting of snow would not have stopped this family from trying to build a snowman.
We need not have worried about the snow melting.  The temperature plunged, not getting over 30 degrees for nearly a week.  Here is Eloise cleaning snow off of things with a paintbrush a few days later.  

It was nice to have a snow day that didn't make the roads icy.  Now it feels like we are ready for Christmas.

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