Friday, December 12, 2014


B loves few things more than spending time with friends, so we had a birthday party for him with a handful of friends from church and the neighborhood.  B doesn't always want to interact with other children, but he is always sad when they leave, and he remembers their names so that he can ask for them hourly for several days afterward.  The party had a train theme, in the loosest sense of the word. 
Because it was a party for a two year old, I planned very little.  I put out bowls of popcorn and candy, train coloring pages, and crayons.  We got out a box of blocks to build towers and roads for the younger kids to knock down.
Todd thought that the party needed more activities, so he made a pin the tail on the donkey game.
Most of the three years old and under kids didn't want to be blindfolded, but Eloise is brave with Daddy.  She wore this Elmo shirt because she knows how much B loves Elmo.
I made a train cake.  I think I have improved since my attempt at a train cake four years ago, or I have gotten less ambitious.  This frosting was definitely easier to work with, probably because it was much cooler in the kitchen in November than it is in August.  It was a white cake with white frosting, except for the chocolate sections..  
Trevor helped B blow out his candles, and then the kids each picked their piece of cake by color.  
B asked for cake, but was really all about the ice cream.
It was a wonderful, sticky, delightful party for a wonderful, sticky, delightful, noisy boy.

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