Sunday, December 28, 2014

Park time

It has rained a little bit since we have been in Arizona, but the sun generally has everything dried out within a few hours, so the park has been delightful.  B is teaching these cactus hugging Arizonans a thing or two about hugging trees.  
 Eloise goes up, and then she comes down, and then she goes up, and then she comes down.
 All of this outdoor play and sunshine makes Jared tired.
 The Campbell cousins are monkeys.  We Knights usually try to keep our feet on the ground, or as close to it as possible.  I love Rachel's pose in this picture.
 One day we went to the park and found a tractor digging near the playground.
 B stayed as close as he could to the noisy tractor action.  When the workers took a break, Jared asked them why they were digging.  They told him it was a hole to put their Christmas presents in.
 Sometimes Jared caves in to his urge to be as much like Rachel as possible and gets his feet a few inches off the ground.  At least one foot will get off the ground.
In a few months the Washington playgrounds will be this warm and dry sometimes, but probably not this sunny. In a few months the Arizona playgrounds will be untouchably hot.  We will all enjoy these park days while we can.

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