Friday, December 12, 2014

In the freezing cold we. . .

. . . Go to the zoo and spend two hours wandering around in the 26 degree weather. . . 
 . . . shouting at the penguins to "Swim! Get in the water!"  (B loves penguins).  It's good that the penguins are cold weather animals.
 We might try to catch a ferry for the fun of it, but eventually give up because the ferry is an hour late, and we wouldn't make it back for bedtime.
 Sometimes we go inside for Christmas crafts,
 or to find a nice place to read a book. . .
 . . . or two, or a dozen.
 B prefers his cars or his bead toy, since he hasn't learned to read yet.
 If the weather gets over 40 degrees, we feel like summer has returned, so we go to the lake.
 Never mind the gusting wind and driving rain.
 The waves on the lake were too big for Shadow, so she didn't want to swim.  Fortunately the park was deserted so that we could let her run around off the leash.
 Eloise prefers to polish the playground with her towel before she plays.
 Cold can't get us down.
Cold can't keep us here, either.  Only five more days until we get to sunny Arizona!

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