Saturday, December 27, 2014

Driving to Arizona

We were all up bright and early on the morning of December 15 to start our drive to Arizona.  We broke the drive into three segments this year, since we remembered last year's drive being a little harrowing toward the end, with a car full of tired children who couldn't sleep.  On Monday we drove to Salt Lake City.  I made this little dog for Eloise during the drive.  
Doing the 12 hour drive all in one day turned out fine.  We had a lot of fun in the car.  All of the rest stops are starting to be familiar, since we made this same drive in October.
All of our friends and family in Salt Lake who we usually spend the night with were sick, so we stayed in a hotel.  This means that we got to get up in the morning and swim!  Swimming make us happy.
Eloise and I have matching polka dotted swimming suits.
We stopped to visit Grandma Jill at work at an elementary school in Taylorsville. We were happy to get to see her, even if it was only for a few minutes while her students had recess.  
 Todd answered questions about Google for her fourth grade students, but most of the questions were either queries you would enter into Google search, or they were about minecraft, which the students knew more about than Todd does.  Grandma Jill was very happy to see her grandbabies and show them off to her class.
We stopped to see my grandparents in Murray for a few minutes before continuing on to Las Vegas.  

The pool at our hotel in Las Vegas didn't open early enough, so we went on a morning walk while Daddy caught up on sleep, had a shower, and packed the car.  Jared was disappointed that there were not any cacti in the landscaping around our hotel. He was very excited to be in the desert.  Instead, we had to resort to making nature art out of rocks in a vacant lot nearby.  Or, in B's case, throwing rocks, and in Eloise's case, using a rock to write in the sand.
Jared wanted to preserve this image of his rock fish for posterity.
Breaking the trip into three days made it possible for us to enjoy our first sight of saguaro cactuses, or, as Jared keeps correcting us, cacti.  Jared enthusiastically drew dozens of pictures of two armed saguaros in his notebook.  When B got unbearably tired he would take short naps, or yell about every Christmas light he saw.  Fortunately he believed that the lights on semi trucks were also Christmas lights, so he was mostly happy for the entire drive.
We made it to Tucson!  We were so happy to see grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins galore, and to be a few days closer to Christmas.

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