Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Desert Museum and Happy New Year!

I know I'm posting a lot, but these cousins are just so stinking cute together.  On Tuesday we went to the Sonoran Desert Museum to take advantage of Grandma's membership before it expires at the end of the year.  Todd and B stayed behind at Grandma and Grandpa's house because they had both been up a lot the night before and needed some rest.    Here are some kids looking at sleeping beaver.  
 Peyton and McKenzie in the coveted stroller seats.  The desert museum has a LOT of walking.
 Ryan, a bunch of cute little blondies, and a bobcat on a ledge.
 My fifth attempt at a picture of these two girls sitting "squishies" together on a seat designed for one person.  Why is it so hard to get two girls to look and smile at the same time?
 A coyote up close as it paces its fence line.  We also saw javelinas sleeping in the sun an owl, a hawk, some frogs, tarantulas, and a zillion different types of cactus.  The kids collected animal print stamps in their notebooks.
 Eloise was exhausted by the time we left.  She slept in the car for the whole hour back to Grandma and Grandpa's house.
 Jared was a really good sport about all of the walking.  He hasn't stopped getting excited about learning different varieties of cactus, and different components of the desert ecosystem.
All of the kids loved crawling through the artificial caves and learning about how caves are formed, what lives in caves, and the geology of the Sonoran desert. The weather was gorgeous with a little wind coming up toward the end.  I'm so glad we got to visit the desert museum.  

 When we got back, I took a well rested B to the store for dog food and diapers.  I think he must be getting some two year old molars, because he spends a lot of time with his whole fist in his mouth.  He just sprouted his final canine tooth last week.

Today we spent some time with the Hoefferles, doing pretty much exactly what we would have been doing at home on a sunny day.  They just happened to have bikes that were just right for everybody, a playground in the backyard, and some books for Jared to hide with when he was ready for a break.
 This afternoon all of the cousins came over to Grandma's again to ring in the Cape Verde new year at 6:00 local time.  Grandma and Grandpa's stove exploded yesterday, so we had hot dogs warmed up on the electric griddle, played charades, and then Grandma handed out noisemakers (which she instantly regretted), and we went outside in the rain to do sparklers on the patio.
The kids have taken over the big table, and the adults get the small table now.  A lot has changed in the last five years.  My pictures used to be mostly grown ups, with the odd baby thrown in.  Now we see the occasional adult accidentally appearing with the kids.  Children just make holidays so much more fun.

Happy New Year Everyone!!

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