Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014

Christmas morning was very fun, except for a little problem with Jared's clock resetting itself so that he thought it was morning really really early.  When all of the children were finally awake, they waited impatiently for Grandpa to get up so that we could open presents.  

I wish I had a picture that captured Eloise's face when she saw that Santa had brought her the dolly that laughs and cries that she asked for.  Actually, it just laughs, but she wasn't too picky.  Jared was the first one dressed because he had to put on his new clothes from Grandma and Grandpa as soon as he opened them.  Present opening took a while because everything had to be opened and then played with.  
Todd got me a new oven mitt with a note that said, "You will need this for our hot date tomorrow."  Woohoo! I got a date with Todd!
All of the presents were appreciated and enjoyed.  Thanks, family!
B thought that present opening was an irritating interruption to playing with the train he got in his stocking, but he was persuaded to open a few things.
After a quick play outside, we headed to the Campbell's house for more presents and Christmas dinner.
The cousin gift exchange was chaotic and fun.  B loved his car racer made out of empty wrapping paper tubes.  Eloise loved her riding horse, and Jared loved his crown and light up sceptre.
Colette made a delicious Christmas dinner.  We had a turkey, a ham, rolls, corn, vegetables (including tomatoes from Colette's monster tomato plant that will never die), five pies, stuffing, baked potatoes, and candy.  B ate lunch while everyone else was still playing with their gifts, and then went upstairs to nap in Annie's bed.
After B's nap, all of the kids watched "Planes" (B's present from Santa) on the projector that the Campbells got for Christmas.  The adults played a game downstairs.
Were these kids ever tired when we got home.
The day after Christmas we got to video conference with my entire family bright and early in the morning.  We even got to see our missionary, although his resolution was not very good, since he had to call from a cyber cafe, and we could hear his Argentinian companion hollering at his family on the next computer over.
It was great to see him, and everybody.  I don't think my kids remember Uncle Seth very well, but he will be home in a year and a half, and he seems happy.  He is going to get to enjoy Christmas for a few weeks as our Christmas packages drift through customs.
Merry Christmas everyone! I hope your Christmas was as full of family and fun as ours was.

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