Sunday, December 28, 2014

And then it was Christmas Eve!

On Christmas Eve, Rachel arrived dressed as a cat.  Making costumes any day of the year is a novel idea, not to be quickly abandoned.  If we can't find Jared or Rachel anywhere, we will usually come upon them like this.  
Christmas Eve means lots of treats, play, Santa tracking as he traveled across Africa, and our annual nativity reenactment.  Last year I remember all of the girls arguing about who got to be Mary.  This year we had an abundance of angels, and Colette had to be Mary.  Eloise borrowed Rachel's cat ears to complete her zebra costume.  We went to a display of hundreds of nativity scenes from all over the world in Bellevue the week before we left for Arizona, and Eloise became convinced that no creche is complete without a zebra.  She was happy to claim that role.  
Colette brought a bunch of dress up clothes to use as costumes for our play.  Justin was happy to reclaim "his" hair from the costume supplies.
Cute smile, Rachel.
Nothing says Christmas worship like a little shepherd on a Harley.
Ryan refused to wear any specific costume, but he really wanted wings, and he was happy to have his beloved blanket wrapped around himself.  I believe that the end result was a costume we are calling shepherd with wings.  Jared was Joseph and a wise man.  
Eloise was freezing, but she didn't want to mess up her costume.
Here is the whole cast.
After the big production, Rachel, Eloise and Annie sang "Away in a Manger," Rachel played "Good King Wenceslas" on the piano, and we watched a Christmas video.  And then there was some costume swapping.

The cousins were in a hurry to get home and open their Christmas Eve present.  Jared, Eloise, and B each opened a book this Christmas eve.  They set out a plate of treats for Santa, and a bowl of vegetables for the reindeer, labeled their stockings with nametags that they had made earlier in the day, read their new books, and went to bed.
Look at the pile of presents they had waiting for them!  It took up half of the room.

Merry Christmas!

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