Friday, November 21, 2014

Two is better than one

I don't really need an excuse to post adorable pictures of B, but he celebrated his second birthday this week, so here he is:
 B is now two years old.  He loves bikes, trains, tractors, popcorn, tickling, running, jumping, playing at the park, Shadow, books, being outside, large vehicles, rocks, and anything Eloise is playing with.  He is very excited about discovering the world right now.  His two favorite phrases are "Look, Mommy! Look!" and "Stop! Don't do that!" accompanied by the outstretched "stop" palm.  He enjoys the PBS show "Dinosaur Train," more for the train than for the dinosaurs.  I wonder how long it will take him to stop yelling "Choo! Choo! Ain!" every time he sees any depiction of a dinosaur.
 He is very independent and prefers to have the chance to try things like putting on shoes and jackets by himself before he asks for help.  He usually doesn't want Jared or Eloise to help him with anything, always (justifiably) suspecting them of malicious intent.  B loves having his picture taken.  Any mention of the word "smile" or "camera" has him making his hammiest faces.  B got two train shirts for his birthday, one from Mom and Dad, and one from Grandma and Grandpa.  I got him a train shirt because he spends many minutes every morning looking through his shirt drawer for a train shirt, which he did not have until now. When he opened the second train shirt gift, he was already wearing the first one, but he insisted on putting on the second one as well.  Two is better than one.
 B loves to play with friends, and is very good at remembering the names of the children he meets so that he can ask to play with them all of the time.  Unfortunately, the defining feature of this particular birthday was a cold that had kept B from having a good night's sleep or an effective nap in about five days, so it wasn't his happiest day, and we definitely didn't have any interactions with friends.  The low point of the day was at dinner time when, with his two year old reasoning impaired by extreme exhaustion, he flung himself out of his booster seat at the table and gave himself an ugly black eye on our dining room bench.  The angle of this picture doesn't do justice to the nasty bruise down the right side of his face.
 At the doctor's office, B was declared infection free (stupid virus).  He is 35 inches tall (creeping up on Eloise), and weighs 29 lbs. 6 oz.  He didn't scream his way through his exam, but he whined for me to hold him the whole time.  He seemed surprised when it was quickly over, without any shots or serious discomfort.
B is a joy to be around.  He lights up our home with his energy and excitement.  He is going to be a great big brother to our new baby BOY next spring.  Happy Birthday, B!

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