Saturday, November 1, 2014

October Blur

October has gone by so quickly!  I thought that the cooler weather would slow down the pace of our lives, but it most certainly has not.
As soon as it was October, Eloise was ready to paint her pumpkin that we grew.  Our garden produced four good pumpkins this year.  I think Eloise's pumpkin was impressionist.
 Jared's was more in a Picasso modern style of face.
 Before the rain set in, we had a picnic and outing to the farm.  Benjamin LOVES animals.  I don't know what his favorite is because every single living thing gets him wildly excited.  Sheep and chickens had him the most wound up on this trip.
 I think he would have found the pigs more interesting if they hadn't been adjacent to this sand box full of trucks.  He did get distracted from the sand to track down a crowing rooster.
 Remember how seesaws used to look when we were kids?  This high tech bouncy machine is a far cry from the heavy, homemade contraption that broke my foot when I was eight.
 In other news, B moved into a big bed.  We set it up in his room expecting him to make a slow transition, but he had moved over within three days, with no interruption to his sleep.  I would say it has gotten significantly harder to get him to get out of bed now that he can get in and out himself.  He likes to have a fuzzy blanket (his "fuzzies"), and his Elmo doll with him when he sleeps, and a lot of the time around the house for playing sleep.  He looks so small in the big bed, but also so big.  These kids grow way too fast.  B is currently in the same shoe size as Eloise.
 I brought the children with me to visit the midwife and hear the new baby's heartbeat.  Eloise sprouted a pink mustache on the way home.
 We walk our dog every morning, rain, or, less frequently, shine.  Jared usually rides his bike.  One day he was having a great time pretending to fall off his bike and land "splat!" when a great accident occurred, and he actually fell down, splat!  Of course he was right in the middle of the road when it happened, and there were cars coming both directions who had to wait for me to park the stroller, disentangle him from his bike, comfort him enough to get him to walk to the side of the road under his own power while I hauled his bike, all while holding a leash in one hand.  Fortunately he caught himself. . . with his forehead.  Ah, childhood.
 The children have been begging to make blackberry jam for months, and I guess the pace of life has slowed down a bit, because we finally found an opportunity.
 Why do you think they like making jam so much?
 I have no idea.
 We had to have an exterminator come, as the fleas resurfaced.  The exterminator actually had to come twice, as the first visit didn't manage to completely eradicate the flea threat.  During the first exterminator visit (October 13), we did the unthinkable.  We went to Seattle and visited both the locks and the zoo on the same day.
 I was a little too much, but we got to have our delicious fish sandwiches, see salmon in the fish ladder, and get a spectacular show from the penguins.
 Penguins may be B's favorite animal after this experience.
 Eloise with a komodo dragon.  She was excited about this because her soccer team this season was the komodo dragons.
 A spectacularly ill-timed and horrendously messy Benjamin diaper (this is beginning to be a common occurrence) was the final indication that it was time to haul the troops back to the car for the ride home. . .
 just as soon as we climbed on every statue along the way.

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