Saturday, November 1, 2014

Katie's wedding

My cousin, Katie, got married on October 21.  We made a whirlwind trip to Utah to see her get married in the Salt Lake temple.  Jared gave a talk in the primary program on October 19, so we left on October 20 in the morning.  I thought leaving at 6:30 would be early enough to dodge most of the city traffic, but commuters start early around here.  The Knight children are champion road trippers.  It took three days spent mostly in the car before even Benjamin started to object to getting back in his car seat after every stop.
 I was impressed at how self contained everyone was on this trip.  I was hardly in the backseat at all.
 I got to read an entire book and prepare a lesson to teach the following Sunday while Todd listened to his book and the kids entertained themselves with books, notebooks, music, snacks, and toy cars.
 We stopped near Twin Falls the first night, and then drove to Salt Lake on Tuesday morning.  It was great to get to see family, even if the visit was very short, and a lot of faces were absent.  My cousins Carly and Abby watched our kids in the temple annex while we attended Katie and Herb's sealing.
Here is the crew in the courtyard outside the temple awaiting the bride and groom.

 How cute is this squishy little baby James?  This is the first time we got to meet him.  He isn't really very little.  He is a six month old that weighs only four pounds less that Benjamin.
 I'm so glad we got to be there for Katie's wedding.  We haven't seen enough of her in the past few years, possibly because she spends so much time in Thailand.
 After the wedding we toured the roof of the conference center and went looking for dinner before heading the the wedding reception.
 It was great to get to spend the afternoon with Anni, Cheyenne, James, and McKay, even if my feet hurt from all of the walking by the end of the day.

 The day had been too long before the reception started, and B, after only a twenty minute, much-too-late nap, had a hungry and tired meltdown.  He calmed down enough to eat a piece of cheesecake and bury his face in my shoulder when I went to congratulate the bride and groom.
We spent the night and the following morning at the Christensens' apartment.  We were so excited to see them again!  We can't wait for them to move back here permanently next year.  Anni stopped by to say goodbye on her way to the airport, and we left shortly after she did so that we could spend Wednesday night in Boise.  
 We got in some hotel swimming and a fair night's sleep before the long trek home on Thursday.

All in all it was a whirlwind of a week.  I can't speak for Todd, but I would do it again in a heartbeat.  We never get to see enough of our family and friends who are spread across the country.  

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