Saturday, November 1, 2014


I've never liked anything scary, but these kids make Halloween so much fun.  I really wanted B to be a bee for Halloween this year.  I think he makes a pretty cute bee.  
 He even buzzes on command.
 Eloise and Jared wanted to follow the garden theme, so Eloise and I were flowers,
 and Jared and Todd were gnomes.

 Of course making all of these costumes comes at a price.  This is how my craft room looked when we were done.
 B REALLY likes to ham it up for the camera these days, as evidenced here, and in every picture taken of him this month.
 We carved another pumpkin from our garden.  Everyone helped scoop out the goop.

 We had gone on a walk in the pouring rain right before carving our pumpkin, and three pairs of pants were soaked.
 This is the face Jared, Eloise, and B drew on the pumpkin for me to carve out.  Carving glasses onto the pumpkin was beyond my skill level.
 Jared and Eloise took pictures of me carving.

 Here is our finished product.  Jared was very proud of it.
 B went nuts with excitement over the candle we put inside it.
 We had a church dinner and trunk or treat on the 24th, and then Halloween afternoon was spent at Google trick or treating from desk to desk.  I think that expectations for this Halloween were best summarized by a couple of prayers that Jared and Eloise said.  The night before Halloween, Jared prayed, "And please bless the Halloween treats to be prepared and waiting for me."  Eloise prayed, "Please bless that we won't see any scary things."
 One of the highlights for B and Jared was parking several blocks from the Google offices and taking a shuttle bus to the celebration.  B kept yelling, "Riding a bus! Riding a bus!"
 This is a picture I got on the way home of the kids sword fighting with their balloon swords in the car.
They were not too tired to trick or treat halfway around the block, but then they collapsed on a neighbor's porch, so we knew it was time to go home.
Today we did candy experiments, melting a lot of candy in the microwave, and dissolving a lot of candy in water.  The favorite experiment was dropping candy in water to see if it would sink or float.  I guess they like to keep it simple.
Eloise is already planning her dinosaur costume for next Halloween, so this holiday was a success.  Happy Halloween!

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