Sunday, October 5, 2014

Some cuties and a Seattle field trip

Not long after the GPs left, we discovered that our dog had a bad case of fleas.  While we were battling the fleas in the house with carpet cleanings, bug bombs, vacuuming, mopping, dog bath after dog bath, more vacuuming, bug bombing again, and cleaning frantically with every waking moment, we had to avoid the house every once in a while.  
We fled the bug bombs with a zoo trip one day.  We had to get to the parts of the zoo that we missed with Faith and Jorge.
 Little wolf cubs in their den.
 The fleas bothered me more than anyone else, but Jared was pretty bothered about the dog being in quarantine, and therefore unable to play with him.  Jared got lonely.  B started looking out the kitchen window wistfully, and calling for Shadow to try and catch her eye.
 We set off our final bug bomb last Tuesday, so I took the kids to the Seattle Center to see the Experience Music project.  Jared has been wanting to go for a long time, but I had been putting it off.
 As I suspected, the Experience Music Project was not super kid friendly, but there were some fun bits.  The kids liked playing the musical instruments.
 We did bring our friend, Stanley.  You can read more about him here.
 Jared liked the interactive guitar tutorials.
 Eloise really liked the fantasy area, with relics from famous fantasy films, and a life sized dragon. Jared thought it was too scary.
They all liked playing on the green screen and seeing themselves on different backgrounds.
Probably their favorite thing about this trip was the monorail ride.  
 There were no objections to leaving the museum for a snack before we had seen everything, and there was a lot of excitement every time a train went by.

 Here we are cruising through downtown Seattle.
 Jared really wanted to go to the top of the space needle as we walked by its base, but this day was already expensive and tiring enough.
 To my great relief, the fleas are off the dog, and out of the house now.  We still like to be outside a lot, since the sun is still out for an average of half of each day, and, you know, there is that law in Washington about sunshine.  It is still warm enough, most days, that Eloise believes pants are optional.  Snow boots, however, are always in style, right?
 B likes to ride FAST!
 "Mom! Can you see me?  How do you think I got up here?"
I hope this satisfies the grandparents, who are ever in need of these cute faces.

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