Sunday, October 5, 2014

September of Visitors

The week after Faith and Jorge's visit was a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Knight.  This is always a treat for us.  Jared was delighted to discover that Grandma never ever seems to get tired of playing math games.  
She even tried to give Jared an evaluation that the student teachers she teaches give to their kindergarteners and first graders, but it is hard for a grandma to give an objective exam.
B spent their entire visit running around the house looking for "Bampa," which is both Grandma and Grandpa, but especially Grandpa, with his iPad games and extra strong bubbles.
We learned that Grandma Knight had never been on a ferry, so we took her to be initiated. We walked onto the Whidbey Island ferry at Mukilteo, did the twenty minute crossing, and then rode back.
Jared and Eloise never get tired of ferry rides.  The grandparents were good sports.
B was especially excited about cars ("Tar!") and birds ("Buh! Buh! Teet, teet!").
This is a favorite ferry route for our family, due to the proximity of a very fun beach park that has trains running through it.
It was too cold to enjoy the water, but Eloise could not stop chasing pigeons and giggling.
I'm not sure she could be cuter.
Eloise and Jared started their fall soccer season while Grandma and Grandpa were visiting.  Eloise is the smallest person on her team, but she does a good job keeping up.  In her first game, her coach instructed her to "go get the ball," so she ran off the field to get a ball that wasn't being chased by a pack of children.

 Jared, typically, lies down on the field.  Soccer is about relaxing, right?
Grandma and Grandpa cannot come visit enough.  B spent days after they left looking around the house for Bampa, and he still asks for them every time the computer is open, and every time I pick up my phone.  See you again soon, Grandma and Grandpa!

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