Sunday, October 5, 2014

Family Pictures

My friend Taylor at Eden and Me Photography took our family pictures in July.  We met her at Marymoor Park in Redmond for the pictures, and bribed the kids with ice cream to look happy.  Taylor and Kevin were here for their second summer internship, so we expect them back more permanently starting next summer.  She did a great job with our squirmy kids.  B wasn't too excited about posing, but she still managed to get some good shots of him.  Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order.

 Eloise made this pose up.

 Isn't this light gorgeous?
Thanks for the pictures, Taylor!  I'm so glad to have these beautiful pictures to remember our family this way.

Some cuties and a Seattle field trip

Not long after the GPs left, we discovered that our dog had a bad case of fleas.  While we were battling the fleas in the house with carpet cleanings, bug bombs, vacuuming, mopping, dog bath after dog bath, more vacuuming, bug bombing again, and cleaning frantically with every waking moment, we had to avoid the house every once in a while.  
We fled the bug bombs with a zoo trip one day.  We had to get to the parts of the zoo that we missed with Faith and Jorge.
 Little wolf cubs in their den.
 The fleas bothered me more than anyone else, but Jared was pretty bothered about the dog being in quarantine, and therefore unable to play with him.  Jared got lonely.  B started looking out the kitchen window wistfully, and calling for Shadow to try and catch her eye.
 We set off our final bug bomb last Tuesday, so I took the kids to the Seattle Center to see the Experience Music project.  Jared has been wanting to go for a long time, but I had been putting it off.
 As I suspected, the Experience Music Project was not super kid friendly, but there were some fun bits.  The kids liked playing the musical instruments.
 We did bring our friend, Stanley.  You can read more about him here.
 Jared liked the interactive guitar tutorials.
 Eloise really liked the fantasy area, with relics from famous fantasy films, and a life sized dragon. Jared thought it was too scary.
They all liked playing on the green screen and seeing themselves on different backgrounds.
Probably their favorite thing about this trip was the monorail ride.  
 There were no objections to leaving the museum for a snack before we had seen everything, and there was a lot of excitement every time a train went by.

 Here we are cruising through downtown Seattle.
 Jared really wanted to go to the top of the space needle as we walked by its base, but this day was already expensive and tiring enough.
 To my great relief, the fleas are off the dog, and out of the house now.  We still like to be outside a lot, since the sun is still out for an average of half of each day, and, you know, there is that law in Washington about sunshine.  It is still warm enough, most days, that Eloise believes pants are optional.  Snow boots, however, are always in style, right?
 B likes to ride FAST!
 "Mom! Can you see me?  How do you think I got up here?"
I hope this satisfies the grandparents, who are ever in need of these cute faces.

September of Visitors

The week after Faith and Jorge's visit was a visit from Grandma and Grandpa Knight.  This is always a treat for us.  Jared was delighted to discover that Grandma never ever seems to get tired of playing math games.  
She even tried to give Jared an evaluation that the student teachers she teaches give to their kindergarteners and first graders, but it is hard for a grandma to give an objective exam.
B spent their entire visit running around the house looking for "Bampa," which is both Grandma and Grandpa, but especially Grandpa, with his iPad games and extra strong bubbles.
We learned that Grandma Knight had never been on a ferry, so we took her to be initiated. We walked onto the Whidbey Island ferry at Mukilteo, did the twenty minute crossing, and then rode back.
Jared and Eloise never get tired of ferry rides.  The grandparents were good sports.
B was especially excited about cars ("Tar!") and birds ("Buh! Buh! Teet, teet!").
This is a favorite ferry route for our family, due to the proximity of a very fun beach park that has trains running through it.
It was too cold to enjoy the water, but Eloise could not stop chasing pigeons and giggling.
I'm not sure she could be cuter.
Eloise and Jared started their fall soccer season while Grandma and Grandpa were visiting.  Eloise is the smallest person on her team, but she does a good job keeping up.  In her first game, her coach instructed her to "go get the ball," so she ran off the field to get a ball that wasn't being chased by a pack of children.

 Jared, typically, lies down on the field.  Soccer is about relaxing, right?
Grandma and Grandpa cannot come visit enough.  B spent days after they left looking around the house for Bampa, and he still asks for them every time the computer is open, and every time I pick up my phone.  See you again soon, Grandma and Grandpa!

Faith and Jorge's visit

Faith and Jorge came to visit us from New York at the beginning of September.  This is how these goofs passed the hours while they waited for Aunt Faith and Uncle Jorge to arrive. Pack and play + blanket = instant fort!
 We had a great time with Faith and Jorge.  They came with us to our ward labor day picnic.  Jorge is the pickiest eater in the universe.
 We haven't seen Faith since March, and Jorge since last November, but the children took to them right away.  B was a little confused about who was Aunt Faith and who was Jordanne, since Jordanne hadn't been with us for very long, but Aunt Faith wasn't offended.  B is not very discerning when it comes to a pair of jeans towering over his head.
 Jorge's great desire in Seattle was to see the zoo, so off we went.  B had never been to the zoo before.  His very favorite thing was the orangutan.  He tried climbing into the orangutan exhibit when they moved out of sight.
 We probably tried to see a little bit too much at the zoo, so the children were falling apart exhausted by the time we left.

 We had never been to the zoo when the petting area was open before.  That was a treat.  Jared thought that the goats should be petted like his dog, since it is also black and furry.  Since Shadow is Jared's fellow puppy, and their play is pretty wild, he had to be watched very closely in the petting area.
When we left the zoo, we had a quick picnic, and then headed home for naps.  

 The first Thursday of every month is free museum day in downtown Seattle.  We decided (on the recommendation of our pediatric dentist) to go to the Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI).  It turned out to have all sorts of things for kids and adults.  The kids got to draw or create their own ideas for innovation.  I believe that Eloise drew an exploding airplane engine.
 Todd had some days off of work that he had to use or lose, so we enjoyed having him along on our second Seattle trip of the week.  The museum was surprisingly uncrowded for a free day, and parking was reasonably priced, for Seattle.
 This is to prove I was there, with sandwich face B.
 This is Faith and Jorge standing on the edge of Lake Union.  Behind them is the boat where Bill Gates' helicopter lands.  I guess his neighbors wouldn't approve the construction of a permanent helipad on his property.  Oh, the struggle.  But look at Jorge!  I think he is actually smiling!
 MOHAI was a very good choice.  We will definitely go back.  Here Jorge looks at a wall of innovations and inventions made by Seattle natives.
 When lunch time was approaching, we went to the locks so that Faith and I could get wraps from our favorite little fish sandwich shop, and Jorge and Todd could get nasty chain store tacos.  We got to enjoy the boats and fish ladder, too.
 We had hoped that the weather would stay good into September as it did last year so that we could enjoy lots and lots of beach time with Faith and Jorge, but the autumn wind started to blow just as they arrived.  The beach was getting incrementally less pleasant for swimming.  It was still lovely, of course, but Friday was the only day of the week that was warm enough for a good dip.
 Jorge is not interested in fresh air, water, or sunshine.  At least not on the west coast.
 The kids all swam a bit, but it was getting a little cool for them to love lake swimming.  Todd and Faith had a great long swim.
Thanks for coming Faith and Jorge!  We loved the game nights, and I'm glad our kids haven't forgotten you.