Thursday, September 18, 2014

A quick catch up

I know I am really far behind on the blog.  I haven't even posted about Jared's birthday yet, but we have had some firsts this week, so I thought I would start with recent events.

On Saturday, Eloise started soccer for the first time, and Jared started fall soccer.  Eloise's team is the Komodo Dragons.  Most of her team is older than her (4 years old), so she doesn't get many chances to kick the ball, but she chases it with enthusiasm.  When the first game started, she misinterpreted her coaches instructions to "get the ball," and ran right off the field to get a ball that was not already being played with.  I was surprised that Eloise didn't show any fear of playing with a big group of kids who she hadn't met before.
 Eloise is #1 because the jerseys were numbered from smallest to largest.  She LOVES soccer, and running.
 I didn't make it to Jared's game because B needed a nap, and so did I.

Speaking of B, he got stung by a bee yesterday. His reaction wasn't too severe, but he acted like he was being killed.
 When he found out that I would take pictures of his sting, it started "hurting" much more.  When I put a paste of baking soda and water on it (which I know to be a soothing balm) he yelled "Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!" like it was the most painful thing in the world.  By this morning the swelling had almost all gone down.
 The 18th of September is Chilean independence day.  In honor of Uncle Seth, who is in Chile as a missionary right now, and Jordanne, who came home from Chile a few months ago, we celebrated by making Chilean flags.

 Eloise got the colors right.
 Jordanne made us empanadas and mote con huesillo, traditional foods for dia de patria.  Feliz dia de patria, Chilenos!

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