Thursday, September 18, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Jared's fifth birthday coincided with the Christensens' last week in Washington.  Jared's birthday wish was go camping at Tolt-MacDonald park in Carnation.  Cambell was busy with finishing a lot of last minute things for his internship, so he only came for Friday night to pack up his family.  

When we arrived at our campsite on Thursday afternoon, the kids got right to work digging in the dirt.  
 Is anything more fun than camping for a group of little boys?  They couldn't think of anything.  Jared requested S'mores cupcakes and hot dogs, of course.
 B loved everything about camping except for the sleeping in a tent part.  He was exhausted, and so was Todd after spending most of the first night in the car.  When napping didn't pan out on Friday when the tent got excessively hot inside, I took B home on Friday night while Todd stayed with Jared and Eloise for a second night of camping.
 One of the great things about Tolt MacDonald park is that it is a city park as well as a campground, so it has a great playground.  The Christensen and Knight children were delighted to act out the story of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff" over and over, taking turns playing all of the parts, as they used a picnic table for the bridge.

 Eloise was very excited about swimming in the river, but the day wasn't super warm.  The direct sunlight warmed the tent, but the trees shading the river kept it cool for most of the day.
 Before heading down to the river, we had to play on the park's suspension bridge.
 We did finally make it to the river, where the water was frigid,
 but the boys had a great time getting filthy in the sand.
 We miss the Christensens.
After a pizza dinner and another reenactment of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff," the Christensens headed home to finish packing (they left on Saturday for Utah), and B and I went home to sleep.

Happy birthday to our big boy!
 One of the favorite gifts was a snap circuits set to teach the kids about electricity.  I think that is Todd's favorite.  Jared also got a subscription to National Geographic Kids, a book of cow jokes, a book of facts about outer space, and a box full of candy.
 It was a good birthday for our delightful big boy.  

A quick catch up

I know I am really far behind on the blog.  I haven't even posted about Jared's birthday yet, but we have had some firsts this week, so I thought I would start with recent events.

On Saturday, Eloise started soccer for the first time, and Jared started fall soccer.  Eloise's team is the Komodo Dragons.  Most of her team is older than her (4 years old), so she doesn't get many chances to kick the ball, but she chases it with enthusiasm.  When the first game started, she misinterpreted her coaches instructions to "get the ball," and ran right off the field to get a ball that was not already being played with.  I was surprised that Eloise didn't show any fear of playing with a big group of kids who she hadn't met before.
 Eloise is #1 because the jerseys were numbered from smallest to largest.  She LOVES soccer, and running.
 I didn't make it to Jared's game because B needed a nap, and so did I.

Speaking of B, he got stung by a bee yesterday. His reaction wasn't too severe, but he acted like he was being killed.
 When he found out that I would take pictures of his sting, it started "hurting" much more.  When I put a paste of baking soda and water on it (which I know to be a soothing balm) he yelled "Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow!" like it was the most painful thing in the world.  By this morning the swelling had almost all gone down.
 The 18th of September is Chilean independence day.  In honor of Uncle Seth, who is in Chile as a missionary right now, and Jordanne, who came home from Chile a few months ago, we celebrated by making Chilean flags.

 Eloise got the colors right.
 Jordanne made us empanadas and mote con huesillo, traditional foods for dia de patria.  Feliz dia de patria, Chilenos!