Tuesday, August 19, 2014

We want to tell you something

Jared, Eloise, and B would like to announce the upcoming arrival of Baby Knight #4 on or around March 21, 2015.
B wears this shirt at least as well as Jared did, and is equally oblivious to the transformation about to happen in his life.  Jared and Eloise couldn't be more excited.  Jared has already told everyone and their dog about the baby in his mom's tummy.  Eloise consulted a pregnancy book and informed me that the baby will be born in two weeks.

Here is the picture Todd drew to tell the kids about the baby.
They had to guess the news.  Jared said, "There's a baby in Mommy's tummy! . . .  But not really."
We persuaded him eventually that there is really a baby there.  Eloise took a little longer to lose her skepticism, but now she wants to kiss the bab(ies-- she is convinced it is twins)y every day.
Stay tuned for more unbelievable Knight baby sweetness coming next spring!

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