Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Maybe a little too much fun

It is difficult to describe how much fun we have every single day in this family.  Maybe the pictures will say it better. 
First of all, for all of you Tardy the Turtle fans, "This crayon tastes like purple!"  
 Eloise really gets excited about swimming.  This is her awesome rash guard under the swimming suit look five hours before we were leaving for the beach.  It's never too early to be ready to swim.
 B probably loves the water a little bit less than Jared and Eloise do.  He would be content to spend all of his time at the beach throwing rocks in the water, even on a 90 degree day like this one.
 Jared loves taking pictures.  I like how his hand framed this shot of Eloise.
 When we go to the beach, Jared and Eloise would spend two hours at a time in the water.  I dragged them out for a little snack break when I was tired after an hour.  This is Jared's face when I said he could go back in.
 B loves the camera.  He makes this face every single time he knows I am taking pictures.
 Eloise likes to make silly faces.  She has volunteered to make silly faces for our new baby to help it stop crying when it is born.
 We went to Todd's company picnic last Friday.  Jared had his face painted.  He asked for "A rainbow with a star at the end," which he had seen on someone else's face, and really liked.  This is what he ended up with.  He really, really loved it.
 In addition to the bouncy houses, games, face painting, food, cotton candy, and many other attractions, a Schwann's truck was parked in the middle of the park to hand out ice cream to everyone.  B grabbed a round ice cream sandwich, but he didn't want the cookies on the outside.  He just wanted the ice cream.  It was hilarious watching him try to get the ice cream out.  He set the ice cream sandwich on the table on its side, licked, and got mad when it started to roll away from him.  Eventually he appropriated Daddy's ice cream cone, which was a better way to eat ice cream.
 Why, hello, Mr. Chocolate face.  Here he is with Eloise's pink balloon dog.
 Because we live where we live, the park had a beach.  It never got over 68 degrees outside, so we left the swimming suits in the car.  That didn't stop Eloise from going into the water up to her chest, and Jared stripped to his underwear and went in just past his knees.  B was happy to throw sand.
 B really likes things with wheels.  If he finds anything with a car or a train on it, he has to wear it.  He was already dressed, so I put these car pajama pants on his head.  He hammed it up for the camera, as usual.
 The kids talked me into buying these sunglasses for them.  This was a total impulse buy.
 I do not regret it.

 We met Todd at the beach for Family Home Evening last night.  I got some pictures of B, because he got cold in the water, and wanted to get out and throw sand.  No pictures of anyone else, though, because they spent over an hour in the water, and then it was time to go home.  It was really fun.
 Today we went to the park again to hear Caspar Babypants in concert.  He was awesome, as usual.  We bought a CD and had him sign it, and he was just as cool in person as he is in concert.
 Eloise didn't love the concert because it was too hot.  Girl does not love the heat.
B is a Caspar Babypants fan.  All children are, I think, who have had a chance to hear him.  
 After the concert we had a picnic.
 Eloise put her own shirt on inside out.  I think it is probably best if you just always assume that she has dressed herself, because she has strong opinions about how her clothes should be worn, and that is okay with me.

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