Thursday, August 14, 2014


On July 4, we welcomed a new niece into the world!  Welcome Megan Campbell! 
Congratulations Colette, Jacob, Rachel, Annie, and Ryan!

On July 8, Jared woke up and announced that today was the day he would begin riding his pedal bike.  And then he did.  Eloise was happy to advance to his balance bike.  
 After only a few days, Jared was riding and braking pretty well.  He is still building his strength for riding up hills, but he is pretty good.
 Of course, now all anyone wants to do is ride their new bikes.  B caught the bike mania from his siblings.  If I leave the front door open, I will find him outside riding his bike on the driveway whether Jared and Eloise are out there or not.
 Jared would NOT let us forget that July 11 is free slurpee day at 7-11.
 This is the only day of the year when we get slurpees, but Jared remembers it vividly enough to tell me that we went to a different store last year.  The slurpee machine was in a different place.
 It was a very hot day, so this worked out nicely.
 We managed to fit in a couple more beach days with the Christensens, once even bringing our boat out.
 We are going to miss swimming with the Christensens in a couple of weeks when they go back to Utah.  B is very attached to Rebecca (he calls her "Detta").
 Grandma Knight came to visit for a week while I went to girls' camp to play with these lovely ladies.
 I was a little bit nervous about spending the week responsible for a dozen 13 year old girls, but it was really a great week.  I got to go horseback riding, tubing, climbed a climbing wall, hiked, swam, did crafts, and had a slumber party every night with some of the other adults.
The house was intact when I returned, and the children had a great week with Grandma.

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