Thursday, August 14, 2014

As much fun as we can cram into a few short summer months

The Christensens are leaving to go back to Utah on August 23.  We have been trying to do one outing a week with them all summer, but with the end of their stay approaching, we have had to step up our efforts to fit everything in.  
We couldn't miss Pike Place Market, hom bow lunch, and donuts as big as B's head.  
 We brought our new friend Sarah with us.  It was great to have another adult along on a very crowded day in the market.
 We tasted things, looked at things, had a picnic, and spent a lot of time listening and dancing to street performers.
 When Max broke down over the wrong flavor of donut, we knew it was time to go home.
 Most of the kids napped on the way home, and then all of the boys wanted their toenails painted, to be like Eloise.  
 As an aside, Eloise and B get along sometimes, now.  They are holding hands in this picture, if you can't tell.  Both of them are totally addicted to blackberries, which are in season now.

We took a trip to the locks to see the salmon run in the fish ladder.  The upstream migration peaks in July and August.
 I had to choose between a picture with Jared looking and a picture with Grant looking.  Who would have thought that the older kids would be the least cooperative for pictures?
 B is a ham.  He loves to pose for pictures.
 Eloise at the fish ladder.  B loved this window full of bubbles.

On another day we drove an hour and a half north (read over two hours with horrible traffic) to Deception Pass State Park for tide pools.
 Barnacles are a hazard for bare legs.  Eloise and Max both got scrapes. The kids loved looking for living surprises in the tide pools.

 We printed out a tide pool treasure hunt, and found nearly everything on it.  When everyone was cold, we changed clothes and went on a little hike before heading home.  Next time I need to remember to bring jackets, even on an 85 degree day.
 We got home really late, but this is definitely an outing that we would attempt again.  The park was beautiful.

We went blueberry picking one hot morning.  We drove to North Bend and picked berries in the shadow of the imposing Mt. Si.  It was very beautiful.
 The berries were big and plentiful.
 B loves everything to do with berries.

 When we had picked our fill, we drove to nearby Snoqualmie Falls.  This turned out to be incredibly crowded for a weekday morning.
 We had a picnic, and then hiked way down through the parking lots to get this view of the falls.

I'm sure I will say it again many times, but we live in the most beautiful place.

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