Monday, July 7, 2014

Summer fun

I have a lot of pictures of a random assortment of fun things we have done this summer.  
We have been making and eating popsicles as often as the sun comes out.  
 We finally finished repainting Eloise's bed, and set it up for Jared and Eloise to share.
 Todd helped me replace the broken bearings in the wheel of my stroller, so it is back in use!  This stroller is so much easier to push than our other one.
 We took a trip to the Seattle Museum of Flight near Boeing Field in the southern part of Seattle.
 This was really fun, but the kids could have used some more hands on exhibits.

 Most of the children's area was closed for school groups while we were there.

 We got to tour a Concorde and an old Air Force One, which was really cool.
 I think they had fun.
 We went to the movie theater to see "How to Train Your Dragon 2."  Grant, Max, and Price sat and watched the movie like champs.  I think Jared changed seats about 18 times, and spent the rest of the time talking at the top of his lungs.  I was surprised at how restless he was. B was his usual self, which means that I heard about three minutes of movie.  Afterwards we ran around the fountain for a little while to burn off all of the energy the Christensens had stored while they were sitting still.
 We do lots of tromping through the woods.  Jared is always so classy.  We have found a bunch of geocaches near our house.  Who doesn't love a treasure hunt?
 Jared finished his soccer season.  It was a lot of fun.

 We have our weekly trip to the library, and lots of swimming in the Christensens' apartment pool.  I don't have any pictures of that, though, because I am always in the water.
 We checked out a kit of pirate books from the library, and Jared and Eloise decided to make their own Jolly Roger flags. Jared drew a skeleton with a huge sword stabbing a hand and a heart. This is both of them making their scariest pirate faces.  I think Eloise's scary face needs a little work.
 One warm but overcast day, we met up at Juanita Beach Park to swim.  Rebecca rescued this turtle from the middle of the road and released it in the wetlands portion of the park.
 The ducks came and found the trail of cracker crumbs Eloise was leaving behind.
Jared has just started piano lessons with a young man in our ward, and he is doing well.  Every free moment is spent on the trampoline or playing with neighbors.  Next week Grandma Knight is coming for the week while I go to girls' camp, and summer is underway.

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