Thursday, May 15, 2014

Jordanne's Visit

We were lucky to have a visit from Jordanne and her brother, Colin, at the end of April.  Colin had reached the end of his full time army obligation in Hawaii, and had his car shipped back to the mainland.  He had to pick it up in Seattle, so Jordanne came with him so that she could visit us.  Jordanne and Colin did a lot of sightseeing without us, but Jordanne did come to Jared's first soccer game, we dragged Colin out on a stroll through our beautiful woods, and, on April 29, we all went to the locks together.
 It was a perfect day for the locks.  We saw tugboats pulling barges, pleasure boats, enormous fishing boats, sailing boats, and army corps of engineers barges working on the spillway. The fish ladder was a little disappointing, but we saw a couple of fish.
 Colin has gotten tall since I saw him last.  He was great with B.
 After we saw the locks, and the locks museum, we went to our favorite restaurant by the locks for lunch.  Lo, the nicest proprietor on the planet, outdid himself for niceness this time.  He had a large group eating ahead of us, so Jordanne and Colin, who stayed and waited to order, got their lunch for free.  We went down the street to the children's consignment store to play with toys while we waited.
 This was yet another outing in our lives where B came home with no pants on, and Eloise was so tired that she couldn't sit up by the time we left.
 It was great to catch up with Jordanne, who haven't seen since she came home from her mission in Chile a few months ago.  It was great to get to go to the temple with her, and to eat her delicious fry bread.
Come again soon, Jordanne!  We miss you.

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