Thursday, May 15, 2014

Heat Wave!

In between week-long rainstorms, we have enjoyed some unseasonably warm weather.  The temperature soared over 80 degrees in APRIL!  That never happens here.  So, of course, we spent a lot of time outside, thawing our frozen bones.
 Meet Eloise "Jam-face" Knight,
 and her brother, Benjamin "Dirt-face" Knight.
 Don't forget their brother,
 Jared "The Nose" Knight.
 If we have one warm day, we can spend it doing yard work, but the second day (in April) over 80 degrees, we must go to the beach.  As you can see, most of Kirkland had the same idea we had.
 Eloise insisted on wearing her new swim suit, even though it is too big, and she had to pull the bottoms up a lot.
 I love Jared's pink goggles. I believe he did actually put his face in the frigid water for a moment.  He was definitely in the water long enough not to notice the cold anymore.
 As soon as he got out of the water, he got hot, and had to get back in.
 We got to the beach pretty late, so Todd met us there on his way home from work.
 The only thing better than a beach day in April is a beach day in April with Daddy.
Can I just mention again how amazing this place where we live is?  I even like it when it doesn't surprise us with an April thaw.

On our third day in a row of unseasonable heat, after a morning trip to the dentist,
Eloise climbed up on Jared's exam table with him during his cleaning so that she could watch his movie with him.  B was not at all impressed with his first trip to the dentist.  
we got out the little pool.
We had a great time with the little pool and and with the sprinkler, especially when our neighbor, Owen, came over.
I didn't get very many pictures because my phone battery died, but popsicles and fun were had by all, and the rain returned too soon.  

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