Monday, April 14, 2014

The weather gets a little bit nicer, and. . .

Holy cow.  We go to the park a lot.
On Friday we had a play date with Annabelle and Makaylah, a couple of girls from church.  Their mom had surgery a few days before, and they had spring break last week, so we got to play with them for a few hours while their mom rested.  We brought a picnic.
 We played and played and played and played.  The sun came out occasionally.  
 Jared spent the entire two hours at the park in high gear.  That afternoon we saw a rare sight:
 Jared crashed in the living room with pandemonium going on around him.  He slept for 45 minutes.

On Saturday, it was chilly, but not raining, so we took the family to the park.  We hiked from our neighborhood to a park on Lake Washington, O.O. Denny park.  Jared tells us that this year it is "Ooooooooo Denny Park," as opposed to the "double O Denny" of last year.  Todd threw sticks in the water for Shadow to chase, Jared ran around and explored,
B and Eloise threw rocks into the water, 
 and then we went to the playground.  This is how Jared poses for pictures now.
 Eloise still gives a cheesy grin sometimes, unless she notices that Jared is doing something different.
 In that case, she copies him exactly.
 Eloise climbed this wall all by herself.  She is so independent.
 After we played for a while, we had a picnic.
 Eloise had a little breakdown over the picnic, so we knew it was time to head home.  Jared walked all of the way, with a few breaks.
 Eloise walked most of the way to the park, but she rode home.  Our woods are magical.
Todd pressed ahead with B and Shadow.  When he had been out of sight for a while, we came to a fork in the trail, and I was only 80% certain which way to turn.  I called out, "Todd!" to see if he was within earshot.  He wasn't.  Ever dramatic, Jared let out a little cry of anguish that we would be lost forever.  We started up the trail that I chose.  After about a minute, Shadow came bounding up to us at full speed.  She ran a circle around us, and then continued with us walking right by my side.  This was strange because she usually likes to chase smells around the woods while we walk.  A little while later, Todd came walking back down the trail toward us.  On his end, he had called Shadow to come get leashed at the end of the trail, but she had started toward him, and then pricked up her ears in alarm and plunged back down the trail.  I think she must have heard Jared's cry and come back to rescue us.  When she found that all was well with us, she decided to provide a diligent escort in case her services were needed.  
I was feeling pretty favorably toward Shadow after that, until she spoiled it this morning by biting me to try to get me to play with her while I was pushing Eloise in the swing.  

That brings me to today.  We walked/rode/biked to Saint Edward State Park since the sky was clear and beautiful, and the playground is so fun.  We started bright and early so that we could maximize our time at the park.  
 For some reason, Eloise had no desire to walk a single inch of the distance between our house and the park.  Maybe she had some exhaustion lingering from the weekend.  She is certainly fast asleep now.
 Jared got pretty tired riding his bike on the way home, but I set rest points, and provided water or a graham cracker at each stop.  This quelled the greatest portion of the whining.

Eloise and B are asleep now.  This is normal for B, but Eloise only naps occasionally.  All of this irregular napping is going to make chaos of bedtimes.  I would say that all of the outside fun we are having is completely worth it.

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