Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Temple Day

Todd flew in on Friday night and spent the night with Ryan in an Atlanta hotel.  He got hardly any sleep, as he had a late flight, was jet lagged, and spent the night with Ryan, who snores like a freight train.  Somehow, he still reported that Saturday was an amazing day.
Aaron woke up sick on Saturday morning.  He was really excited to have his picture taken with his gatorade.
 I was a little bit worried about leaving the kids (mostly Eloise and B) with babysitters who they didn't know, but Eloise went into the temple annex, did a happy dance about seeing Daddy again, went to the bathroom, and, when it was time for us to go into the temple, she crawled under some chairs and fell asleep for an hour.  This was another miracle.  This girl does not love to sleep.  She woke up in a great mood.  B was fine as soon as we were out of sight.

 I told the kids that they could each get their picture taken with the temple, since the pictures they have in their rooms are about a year old.  I put Todd to work taking pictures.  Here is what he came up with.
 Aaron's glamour shot.
 B photobombed Jared.
 Eloise wouldn't sit still for a picture alone.
 We did manage to get a couple of pictures of our whole family with all of our faces in the picture.
 Most of us even look happy in this one.
It was just as wonderful and amazing to be in the temple with my whole family (except for Jorge, who couldn't make it) as I have always expected it would be.  I look forward to the day when all of my children are in the temple together to support each other, and prepare for eternity as a family. 
A lot of us were pretty emotional.  
Since Todd wasn't coming back to Cheyenne's house with us, as he had to fly home the following day, we all stayed in Atlanta until after dinner.  We found a park near the temple where the kids could throw rocks into a river.   
 We were a little overdressed, but it was a gorgeous day.
 Jared squeezed his head into McKay's sunglasses and said, "Look, Mom! The baby's sunglasses fit me!"
 McKay waves!
 Jared loves to crawl into people's laps.  He loves Aunt Anni so much, that it was a lot of work to keep him from constantly draping himself across her eight months pregnant belly.
 Aaron and Eloise got good and muddy.

When we got hungry, Anni's phone found us a buffet for supper.  Aaron got sick again at supper, and the Knight children were starting to get pretty wild, so we took Daddy back to his hotel to say goodnight, and started the late drive back to Cochran, but not before B got his finger closed in a hotel drawer, giving him a nasty blood blister.  B was the only child in our car who slept on the way back. Jared, Eloise, and Maren managed to keep their eyes open listening to audio books and watching movies until we got back.  
It was a really great, unforgettable day.  I'm glad we could be together as a family to support Seth in this important achievement.  

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