Saturday, April 26, 2014

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival 2014

Two years ago we went to the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival.  Last year Jared begged to go back, but it didn't work out.  After our experience at the Macon cherry blossom festival in March, though, Jared announced that tulip festival attendance was mandatory this year.  April 22 was Earth Day, so I thought it would be a fitting day to drive the hour and a half north to the tulips.
The tulip festival is more like a driving tour of tulip fields, but we like to get out and look around.  I'm not sure that there are really enough attractions to justify the cost of admission, but Jared and Eloise believe that the mud puddles alone are worth it.
 B was very clingy due to a stomach bug/new tooth breaking through combination, but he did get off my back once or twice.
 The sky was clear, but there was a bitter wind blowing.  When Eloise insisted on bringing her heavy winter coat, I thought she was over preparing, but it turned out to be just right.
 Look! They are both smiling!
 Is it just my kids, or kids in general who love rocks, and believe that gravel is a magical treasure?
 We got out of the wind in an enclosed picnic tent for lunch.
 B was filthy.  His brief moments on the ground put him in close proximity to his beloved mud.  As a matter of fact, B's face is at least this dirty right now, thanks to some outside time this morning.
 Topiary fascinated these children.  "It looks like it's fuzzy, but it's still prickly!"
 We walked by this drinking fountain attached to a hose about four times.  Jared thought it was the greatest thing.
When we got too cold and tired of flowers and mud, we set off in search of an ice cream cone the size of Jared's head, which we found at the roadside Snow Goose Produce stand.  I didn't get any pictures of that because my phone died before we left the tulip festival.   B fell asleep in the car on the way to get ice cream, so I divided the ice cream into two portions and doled it out to be eaten in the car.  What I wasn't counting on was the kids being so tired that they both fell asleep before they had finished their ice cream.  Jared almost never sleeps in the car.  His ice cream melt was contained in his cup holder.  Eloise tilted her ice cream bowl all over her lap and car seat.  Oh well.  
Memories were made, fun was had, and it was a successful outing.  

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