Tuesday, April 8, 2014

It's here!!

Spring is here!  We had a 73 degree day yesterday, which was a very unexpected occurrence in April.  In spite of the fact that B had slept like a newborn the night before, we couldn't be kept inside.  We took advantage of the weather to get our garden ready for planting.  First, I pulled some superfluous stepping stones out of the garden area.  Then, wee turned over all of the old clay-dirt, pulled out a lot of rocks,
 and then raked/hoed in some fertilizer.
 As the sun was setting last night, Todd helped me put in some fencing for our peas to climb, so I think we are ready to plant.  We might even be able to grow more than a few peas this year in our vegetable garden.  I'm hopeful.
After naps/quiet time we took the dog for a long walk, ending at the park, where we saw a duck.  We've seen a duck or a pair of ducks here every year, but they disappear after a month or two when the county gets around to mowing the grass around the pond.
 B loves that he gets to get off of my back and walk more, now that he actually walks independently.  All he did at the playground was walk in circles around me.
 I had planned to have a picnic supper, but the kids were so tired after all of the playing of the day, that we ended up canceling that plan.
The weather hasn't been near 70, but it hasn't been half bad today, either.  We have spent almost all day outside, and we managed to make up last night's missed picnic with lunch on the lawn.
Hurrah for warm temperatures and spring sunshine!  I can see that it is going to be a challenge for me to do anything indoors until next October.  

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