Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Dear Elder Richards, You are hereby called to serve as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. . .

On March 3, 2014, my brother, Seth, got his mission call.  He will be the first missionary in our family, so we are all ridiculously excited about this.
Seth didn't tell our mom that he was going to go on a mission, in spite of the fact that she has been looking forward to this moment since he was born.  I guess he wanted a little respite before she started emoting to him.
Instead, Cheyenne put together a party package and mailed it to her, with instructions to open on the day that the mission call was scheduled to arrive.  Unfortunately it was supposed to arrive on February 27. . . and February 28. . . and March 1.  The delay was agony for us.  Cheyenne was mailing letters each day so that she could keep glancing out the window and see if the flag on her mailbox had been lowered.  By the time the call actually arrived, Cheyenne was in Houston, Texas helping Anni move into her new house, so Seth got to the mailbox first and tore right into the letter.  He claims that this was just to ensure that he had actually received a mission call, and not a rejection letter.
We all joined together for a video family home evening (technology is a miracle): Mom in Utah, Faith and Jorge in New York, Seth in Georgia, Anni and Ryan and Cheyenne in Houston, and us in Seattle.  I think Andrew ended up having to work that evening.
We were all in the video call for about five minutes trying to get everyone to be quiet enough to start our Family Home Evening, when Mama Jill noticed the banner and map hanging in the background of Seth's image.
 His call is to the Chile Santiago Oeste mission, and he reports to the Missionary Training Center (MTC) in Chile on May 7, as long as he can get his passport and visa squared away by then.  A lot of miracles have happened already, though, so I am confident that the government can come through in time for his report date.
Mama Jill cried a little and babbled on incoherently for a while.  She had started to suspect that a mission was Seth's plan, but she was afraid to get her hopes up, so she was emotional.  
I'm so glad that we all got to be together for the big mission announcement.  I am proud to be the sister of a missionary.  
Felicitaciones, Elder Richards!

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