Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Cherry Blossom Festival and Goodbye Georgia

On Sunday, Uncle Fred flew home from a business trip in Taiwan by way of Atlanta, and, when he heard that we were all going to be together, rearranged his schedule so that he could spend the day with us.  Here he is asking Aaron and Jared about what they described as a "leaf contest," sticking dry leaves on loose fence wires.
It was a beautiful, slightly windy day, so we ate in the yard.  Jared announced that all future meals in Georgia would be eaten outdoors.  He was disappointed when the following Tuesday was blustery and rainy.
Poor little McKay is allergic to grass.  It is a lot of work keeping him from crawling off of the blanket.
On Monday, Annika had to take Ryan, who had picked up some cousin disease in the night, to Macon to catch the shuttle back to the airport.  Coincidentally, Macon was holding their annual cherry blossom festival that week, so we all decided to tag along.  I came to the cherry blossom festival with Cheyenne when I came to visit her in college nine years ago.
Eloise admiring Aaron's muscles:
Eloise loves pink.  She was delighted with the cherry blossom festival.
There was a petting zoo, which was singularly unexciting, since Aaron's grandparents keep goats, and  nearly all of the rest of the animals in the petting zoo can be found in our local pet store, but I don't think this little crew considered that.

Then we found a PINK train!  B spent his whole time playing on this yelling a high pitched "Too! Too!" That is how he makes a train noise.

Eloise had to sit on this HUGE PINK CHAIR!
Then we looked at a few exhibits, got a free balloon and piece of peanut brittle, and headed back to the playground to wait for Cheyenne, who had gone to drop Ryan off and visit a friend in Macon while we played.

When Cheyenne arrived, she announced that the children must experience rides.  I was afraid that Eloise wouldn't like the carousel, since it was really fast, and all of the horses moved up and down, but she was game.  Maren, as you can see, was not.
Jared and Aaron endured the carousel so that they could move on to what they really wanted to ride: a "train."
The train was really a tiny roller coaster called "The Clatterpillar."  The kids each got securely fastened into their seats, and the ride started.
It went around and around and around and around while the ride operator finished his lunch.  Maren was one inch too short to ride alone, so she sat with Jared, who hung on for dear life until the ride ended.  Maren was probably about one inch too young for this ride, since she spent the majority of the ride screaming.
Eloise also hung on with one hand in front and one in back to keep from being jerked around.  When she got off of the roller coaster, I asked her if it was fun.  She replied, "But I didn't even fall out!"
Aaron's assessment of the ride: "It was long!"
Jared was enthralled by the experience, and wanted to sit on a nearby bench and study the roller coaster for a while after he experienced it.
After rides we walked a few blocks to find ice cream for the kids.  We managed to get push pops from the most poorly stocked bodega we had ever seen, but the children were happy.  Cheyenne and I walked back to get cars, and we took some very tired kids home.
On Tuesday, Cheyenne and McKay were both sick with a stomach bug, so we spent most of the day relaxing and enjoying our last day in Georgia.
Cheyenne was planning to drive us to the airport on Wednesday morning, but Tuesday night she called to say that McKay was too sick, so she needed to take him to the doctor in the morning.  Seth ended up taking us to the airport (very carefully in Cheyenne's new van).  Anni and Maren flew home at the same time we did, so we all went to the airport together.  After a two and a half hour drive to the airport, and a week of barely enough sleep, our flight home was a little bit less smooth than our flight out.  The kids were restless, but they handled it okay until we were landing.  Eloise had had enough, and let me know loudly.  B tried to calm everyone down by lifting up their shirts to look for their "Bo-bo" (belly button).  I was happy to get off the airplane and get back to Todd after a long day of travel.
And that is how I spent a week in Georgia to send Seth off on his mission without managing to get one good picture of Seth himself.  He is going to be an amazing missionary.

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