Saturday, April 26, 2014

A little catching up

I have been busily posting about all of the events of our month, but I thought you might like to see some of the things we have done in between.  Eloise would like to inform you that she is about to do something silly.  Please watch her do her silly thing.  
 We are in the midst of de-mossing the front lawn.  The ratio of moss to grass is about 7:3.  By the time the moss is out, there isn't much grass left.  Jared and Shadow sure enjoy the moss pile, though.
 In between rain storms (Seattle is getting record rainfall this year), we play outside, walk the dog (that happens during rain storms, too), and go to the park.
I brought a bone to the park so that Shadow would be occupied, and so that she wouldn't bark at us while we weren't playing with her.  She barked anyway, so Jared decided to play with her.
 B figured out how to go up the steps to get down the slide.
 Eloise was the conductor/pilot/engineer on a plane-train.  Why choose just one mode of transportation?  We had a very brief trip to New York and Atlanta.  For some reason the weather was the same when we got there, and then we had to walk home.
On Friday, Jared told everyone who would listen that he was celebrating a holiday that Google invented, called "Take Your Child to Work Day."  Jared LOVED it.  He wants to be just like Daddy.
 Jared also wants to be an astronaut.  A few weeks ago his life was consumed with submarines.  This week, we are learning all kinds of things about planets, orbits, moons, space, atmosphere, seasons, stars, rockets, and universe expansion.

Eloise built two bridges, planted some lettuce, peas, and pumpkin seeds, and spent a lot of time looking at books while Jared was at work with Daddy.  B took an incredibly long nap.

 Jared has been wearing his cleats and soccer socks everywhere all week, and today was finally his first day of soccer practice. His coach, Irving, has a heavy Spanish accent.  Jared said it sounds like he doesn't speak very much English.  Watching three and four year olds play soccer is hilarious.  Jordanne is here visiting, and the two of us spent a lot of the practice laughing at the kids running every which way while coaches and parents tried to round them up.
 The kids practiced for a while, and then had a little skirmish with another team that was sharing the field.  At one point, Jared decided that he was tired, so he sat down. . . on the ball.  The referee lifted him off of the ball, but he hung onto it with his feet.  I guess he wanted everyone to take a little break.  He was tired, but he didn't want the game going on without him.
When the game was over, and the kids went to get snacks, this is where I found Jared.  He had had enough soccer, and was ready to meet all of the dogs in the park.
We are really going to enjoy soccer season.  

And finally, welcome to the world, James Ryan Jensen! Baby James was born on April 23.  We are all very excited about a new cousin.  
Congratulations, Anni, Ryan, and Maren!  He is a beautiful baby.  

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