Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ocean Field Trip

Today the weather finally hit a beautiful 60 degrees, so I packed up the kids and we went to the beach for a picnic.  I wish the pictures could capture the excitement of the kids as Jared babbled on and on with observations and questions about different kinds of ocean birds, shellfish, and boats that he could see (now I have to remember to find him some information about barnacles), Eloise thanking me over and over for coming to the beach park so that she could play in the sand, and B yelling "Throw! Throw!" over and over because he was so excited about throwing rocks into the water.
Here are individual portraits within three minutes of arriving at the beach.
 Eloise was not waiting to have her picture taken.  She had to get to the water RIGHT NOW!
 I think B's hat is getting too small.  He had no qualms about crawling around on the sand, rocks, and broken bits of seashell covering the ground.  He would have been at the water's edge as fast as Eloise, if he could.
 I rounded up the children for a picnic.
 Jared and Eloise put in their five minutes eating before running back to the water.
 B was not interested in eating.  There was too much to do!
 Oh, how we have missed the sunshine and warm temperatures.  We went to Mukilteo Lighthouse Park so that we could watch the ferries go by on one side, and the trains pass on the other.
 The ferry's fog horn surprised B and made him cry, but he got over it pretty fast.  His pants met with an unfortunate accident before we ever made it to the park.  We were fortunate that it was a frigid 35 degree morning, and he was wearing layers on his legs.
 Jared insisted on having his picture taken with his driftwood gun.
We stayed well into nap time, so Eloise and B fell asleep immediately when we got into the car, and for the whole 45 minute drive home (my phone battery died, so we didn't have navigation on the way home, so I got off the freeway one exit too early, and took a few wrong turns before getting back on course).  Jared would like me to assure you that we still got home, even though we got lost.

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