Thursday, February 13, 2014

That Dog!

Our dog chewed up a toy we had checked out of the library last week.  Sometimes having a puppy is incredibly infuriating.  Shadow eats stuffed animals; she can't help herself.  She licks snot off of the kids faces, which makes me gag.  She chews on board books, if she can get them.  The high chair is candy land to her, even if I have just cleaned it with bleach.  She eats sandwiches out of the kids hands, she digs in the lawn, she jumps on strangers, and she smells terrible, even when she has just been bathed.

But sometimes our dog is really sweet.   Shadow adores the kids.  We can't really fault a six month old puppy for being too playful.  She is getting better at coming when she is called.  She doesn't jump on people all of the time, and she doesn't pee in the house anymore.

Yesterday I snapped some pictures to look at next time Shadow eats a receipt that I need for a return, to remind me why we got a dog.  Eloise is even starting to like the dog, as long as she keeps her cold nose off of the princess's bare skin.

 . . . and a few pictures of the kids, because they are just so cute.

So maybe we will keep that dumb dog.  For now.

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