Monday, February 24, 2014


I haven't been the most faithful blogger lately, but as the interminable month of Janebruary comes to a close, there are a few things that I don't want to let slip through the cracks.
Valentine's day
The day before Valentine's day, Todd took me out on a real date.  He even arranged for the babysitter himself.   It was great to get to go to a movie together.  
We got a sweet package from the GPs, full of stuffed animals, toy cars, and Valentines.  Our package from Grandma Jill came a little late, but we are still feeling all of the Valentine love.
 Eloise had a spoon from the chocolate covered strawberries that we made as a surprise for dinner.
 These children are no longer capable of making a normal face for a picture.
 Todd came home from work with Valentine gifts for everyone, and then we dressed up, and celebrated with a fancy, candle-lit dinner, where we practiced our manners.
Kindness Thursday
B makes a lot of messes if I leave the lids off of these buckets.  We have been baking a lot since we instituted "Kindness Thursday." Every Thursday we have to think of something nice to do for someone outside of our family who could use some love.  Since the world will never run out of people who need cookies, and these little Knights will never run out of enthusiasm for eating cookie dough, we are baking at least once a week. 
Everything Else
This is how B attempts to take a selfie.  He holds the phone at arm's length and yells out, "Eeeeeee!"
 Hiking is so muddy at this time of year.  We love it.  The dirtier our shoes are, the more fun you know we have had.
 On President's day, I took my older two children on a lunch date.  Of all of the restaurants in the universe, they chose Subway.  It could have been worse.  At least they didn't pick McDonald's.

 After lunch we went to the Value Village half price sale and cashed in on shin guards and cleats for Jared's upcoming soccer season for less than $5 together.  The odds of finding them there in his size on half price day are not good, so we were really lucky.
The end of February means that it is time for us to start thinking about our garden.  We picked up some posts to use for fencing around the garden area, and spent one freezing, rainy day painting them.
 We started our tomatoes indoors this year, instead of in our unheated kitchenette.  We hope that the extra heat will make the plants grow a little faster so that we can actually harvest some tomatoes this year.  Eloise is in charge of watering because she loves the spray bottle.  Our tulips that we planted last fall are starting to peek out of the ground!  Spring is just around the corner.
 Eloise loves all kinds of art.  She is already asking for new paints for her birthday.  Her current medium of choice, though, is scissors.  She is getting great fine motor skills, and she cleans up her own paper bits, so I don't have any complaints.  I do question the proximity of the computer cord to her scissors in this particular photo.
 Jared is getting more and more excited about writing.  He gets most of his writing practice writing notes and letters to people.
 I think, sometimes, that our dog is a perfect fit for our family.  For all of the obnoxious things she does, she really does put up with a lot.  I believe Jared was standing on Shadow while Eloise "caught" her in the laundry basket for this game.
 Between snow/sleet/rain storms, we get out on the driveway to play.
 B discovered puddles today.  He took his walker directly to the puddle and started stomping, notwithstanding his lack of boots.  It was actually raining at this time, but the house was starting to feel small.
 Not satisfied to simply wet his feet, B next had to sit in the puddle.  Brrrrrr!
I don't have any pictures of it, but Todd spent a lot of his free time this month pulling out carpet in the dining room and front entry.  This included tearing up tack strips, stray nails, and, as Jared would say, "About a thousand" staples.  He also repainted our guest bedroom.  We are now ready for visitors.  Any takers?
It still feels like winter, but warmer weather is in sight.  We won't be daunted by this sunless Northwest winter.  If you are looking for us, we will probably be outside.

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