Sunday, December 15, 2013

Thanksgiving I, Baby Shower, Birthday Party, and Thanksgiving II

Andrew had to work in the emergency room on real Thanksgiving, so we went ahead and had a small celebration without him, planning to save our real Thanksgiving celebration until he could be there on Saturday. It was a fairly quiet, restful day.  While we waited for dinner to be ready for first Thanksgiving, the kids decorated the door with feathers.  They were meant to adorn the thankful turkey, but the turkey was lost under all of the gratitude feathers.  I think it looked pretty good.
 Seating is limited in Cheyenne's little house, so the kids ate at the coffee table/bench.  There was quite a spread for our pseudo celebration.  Ham, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, pecan and pumpkin pies, whipped cream, rolls, vegetables, cranberry sauce, stuffing. . . mmmmmmmmmm.
On Friday, Cheyenne and Faith threw Anni a little baby shower.  I would have thrown the shower, too, but they neglected to tell me about it until moments before they planned to surprise Anni.  Surprise!  The shower games were a bunch of old wives tales for how to determine the baby's gender.  Anni was supposed to find out the week after Thanksgiving if her baby is a boy or a girl.  Our results had about 50% accuracy. The joke was on us when halfway through the shower, Ryan came in from the car holding their ultrasound pictures revealing a boy!!  They had found out two weeks early and kept it a secret.

Friday was also Ryan's 30th birthday.  Anni had planned a Dr. Who themed birthday party for him as a surprise, so he had to be out of the house for a bunch of the afternoon.  Andrew took the men (Todd, Seth, and Ryan) out target shooting to divert him.  Faith, Anni, Jorge, and Junior set up for the party, while Cheyenne and I took the kiddos to pick up pecans and play on "Arnold hill," where Aaron's great grandparents live.  Jared and Eloise got excited about using the rollers to pick up "PEE-cans," but eventually they ran off to join Aaron and Maren with the toys.  
Jared took a long time working up the courage to climb the fort, and even longer deciding to come down the slide.  I had to get up with him to talk him down.  After he had done it once, though, he wanted to do it over and over again.
Cousin party!
The surprise party was fun.  I don't think Ryan was very surprised that there was a party, but he was surprised about the theme.  Our gift to Ryan, a Dr. Who Monopoly game, showed up in the middle of the party.  The delivery man had gotten horribly lost, and was about to give up (probably thinking that Cheyenne's address was some kind of trailer park) when we noticed the delivery truck idling outside and went out to flag him down.
Eloise likes to stretch while she eats cake. . .
. . . until her leg hinders her putting her face directly into her bowl to lick frosting faster.
Birthday boys! B and Ryan have birthdays 10 days apart.
Saturday was our real Thanksgiving celebration.  Andrew's parents generously offered to let us have our dinner at their house, since they have more space.  Andrew and Ryan went over early to deep fry a couple of turkeys, and we joined them in time to eat.  The Warnocks live on a big, beautiful property with goats, chickens, a pond, and a lot of big oak trees.
Aaron made me nervous on this dock by picking up short sticks and "fishing" by reaching them into the water.
I love these boys.
Jared really loves giving kisses.  It is an uphill battle convincing him that every person does not want to be kissed at every moment.  Here he gives a kiss to his unborn boy cousin.  His uncles in Georgia taught him to give heart punches instead of kisses, but only to them.
While the kids were playing in the yard, Eloise sat down in the unraked leaves and started playing like she was in a leaf pile.  The leaves were thick on the ground.  When Miss Gaye saw the kids playing in the leaves, she brought out the rakes so that they could make a real leaf pile.
They had a blast.
The kids were completely worn out by a day of fun.
We came in from leaf raking and I gave Eloise dessert.  She fell asleep with a noisy card game going on a few feet away.
Sleepy kids are a Thanksgiving success.  

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