Monday, December 9, 2013


On November 26 we flew to Georgia to spend Thanksgiving with my siblings and my dad.  Jared and Eloise were ecstatic about the trip, and didn't lose their excitement for most of the five hour flight followed by a three hour car trip.  We met my dad at the airport in Atlanta and drove to Cheyenne's house with him.  Eloise spent the last 45 minutes in the car (past her bedtime) making up "jokes," and singing "Willaby Wallaby Jared, and elephant sat on Jared!" As she laughed uncontrollably.  Benjamin was fussy for a while in the car, but overall it was a good trip.
When we arrived at Cheyenne's house, she had her yard set up with three RVs for our families to use.  Faith, Jorge, and their nephew, Junior, were in one trailer, Anni, Ryan, and Maren (who arrived the following day) were in another one, and, since our family is the biggest, we got the superstar trailer that sleeps six.
This was a dream vacation for our kids.  There were aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandpa everywhere who were ready and willing to play with them.

Seeing Aaron's new goldfish named Fun was a much anticipated event.  Jared never talks about it as "the fish" or "Fun." It is always "the fish named Fun."
 They spent a lot of time watching the fish named Fun swim, eat, and swim, especially during the first couple of days, when it was cold and windy, and then raining.
   Jared and Eloise picked up some Georgia accent from Aaron, who has a bunk bed with "stay-airs," and says "cheese" for pictures as a two syllable word.  Jared never got the "ma'am" and "sir" thing quite right, inserting them at random moments instead, much to the amusement of the one native southerner, Uncle Andrew. 
Another trip highlight was meeting baby McKay for the first time.  He was born in June, on Grandpa Michael's birthday.  Here he is with Uncle Seth.  Seth claims to not be a baby person, but he seems to have a special bond with this particular baby, as you can see from his protective posture.  
McKay is squishy and adorable.  
 Aren't sleeping babies the sweetest?
 Aaron was excited to take his cousins to the Robins Air Force Base airplane museum, which was having a special model train exhibit.  Aaron loves trains.  He lives across a highway from some railroad tracks, and he runs outside anytime a train goes by, day or night.  It was not our best day, as it was our first full day in Georgia, and we were all tired and jet lagged.  Aaron also ended up not being able to stay very long at the museum.  The model train exhibit was really interesting.  Jared and Eloise were moderately interested, until they found this little train that they could sit in and drive.  When they discovered that it had an actual horn that they could toot, a line of children formed behind the train, waiting for a turn to toot the train horn.
 These vintage airplane seats looked extraordinarily uncomfortable, but Faith and Eloise didn't seem to mind much.
 My Seattle sun sensitive kids were complaining about the brightness of this foreign body in the sky, so I let them each pick out a railroad engineer hat.

 It was a cold and windy day, but we bundled up and braved it.  After naps, we played outside on the swing set and in the wagon until dusk.

These swinging pictures are from a warmer day.  It was great to see the kids play together.  We live so far apart that we don't get many opportunities like this.  

 Jared and Aaron puttered around the yard like two old men, scraping at the dirt and moving anything that they were strong enough to lift.
This was just the beginning of a seriously great week in Georgia.  

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