Thursday, December 19, 2013

Family Photos

One important order of business with most of the family in one place was getting a current family photo. Here is what we came up with:

 The whole group:
 The kids:

 Jared's glamor shot:
B eating grass: 

 The sibs:
The sibs portrayed more accurately:
 We tried to get nice pictures of each of our families, but first Anni. . .
. . . Then Ryan photobombed us.  There are actually nice photos of each of our families sans Jensen-bomb, but these crack me up.
 Of course their picture turned out great.
 Eloise and I photograph well together.
 Jorge never smiles in pictures.  I always assumed that he was trying to make Faith and her huge grin look out of place, but I finally figured out the truth.  Jorge is trying to smolder.  Faith did a pretty good impression of it.
 Sibs and families:
 Grandpa with the babies (before we shifted B into Grandpa's lap, and Eloise started attacking him):
 Annika and Seth sharing a moment.
It was a chilly morning for photos, but they turned out pretty great.  Thanks to Uncle Philip for taking the time to take our pictures.  These are treasures.

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