Thursday, December 19, 2013

Counting Down to Christmas 2013

After we got home from Georgia, our first order of business was catching the stomach bug that Cheyenne had on the day we left.  Actually, it took us five days to get it, and then only Todd, Jared, and I got it.  B caught it a week later.  Needless to say, with Thanksgiving and sickness behind us, the kids are ecstatic about impending Christmas.  Jared got my phone and took some selfies while I was making Christmas cookies one day.  Eloise butted in to get her picture taken, too.  
 Jared does a pretty good impression of Uncle Jorge's smolder, too.
 B has the best silly faces.
 Our real first order of business was getting our Christmas tree up.  90% of our decorations are on the bottom third of the tree.  I pointed this out to Jared, so he took a dozen round ornaments and relocated them to just above his head in a line across the tree.  He spent a lot of time in the week before we left for Arizona under the tree examining and reexamining the presents that were starting to pile up there.  
 Eloise discovered many uses for Christmas stockings, to her great delight.

 We reintroduced bubble baths.  Baths have gotten significantly less popular in our house since the weather has gotten so cold.  Benjamin doesn't mind.  He still does his best to dive into the tub as it fills with water, but Jared and Eloise don't like to be damp and cold.  Eloise was excited about bubbles in the tub, but she was thrilled to discover that bubbles can be made into a great Santa beard!
 Christmas means cookies.  We baked a bunch to take to friends and neighbors, but most of them ended up being devoured by the youth in our stake when a youth activity had a cookie shortage.  We made a few more cookies, but they never ended up with the neighbors, since we were so busy getting ready for our trip.  Oh, well.  If we have to eat the cookies ourselves, we will bear that burden stoically.  
 One day there was a little snow flurry.  It was so brief that Jared and Eloise barely made it to the window in time to exclaim in wonder and plan out their snowman before the snow stopped.
 That didn't stop them from breaking out the snow suits to see if they fit.  We thought of packing them for our trip, as we considered having an extended stop in Utah or Idaho on the way down.  I didn't end up packing the snow things, but don't tell Jared and Eloise.
 Our church had a Christmas party and variety show.  Jared tried to tell every single person "Merry Christmas!"  B was also very social.
 Jared was the only person to sit on Santa's lap.  Santa was played by the husband of Jared's Sunbeam teacher, but Jared is so anxious to believe in Santa this year that he didn't even notice the familiar face.
 I didn't get any pictures of Eloise at the party because she spent most of the time running in circles.  She sat down in a circle with some older children who were getting ready to play "Duck, duck, goose," but when she discovered that it was a running game, she popped up and ran circles around the game until the other children stopped playing.  Then she started running different directions.
After that we had Sunday, and then a two day drive to Arizona, and now only six more days until Christmas!  I can't wait.  

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