Saturday, November 16, 2013

Pool Party!

We have been planning for weeks to take advantage of Todd's last week of paternity leave to do a lot of fun activities.  One that Eloise has been asking for since August is a trip to the swimming pool.  Coming to the pool by myself with three small kids is nerve wracking, so we decided to make good use of Daddy for this.  Jared and Eloise were so excited that they had their swimming suits on before breakfast.  Eloise couldn't understand why she had to put anything else on in our 60 degree house, or to go outside in the 40 degree weather.  She remembered a lot of details about the pool for someone her age.  She told me on the way to the pool that she was going to sit on a fountain.  The fountains weren't on for a while after we got to the pool, but we had plenty of time to play in fountains before we went home.   
 Did B like swimming? Why, yes he did. He added a new word to his vocabulary: splash!  When he says it, it sounds like "Pah!" or "Pas!" but he always accompanies this word with some actions to make himself understood.
 Jared was wildly excited about being in the pool. How do you tell a child not to run next to the pool when their feet reflect their utter exuberance?  We are lucky that Jared was able to slow himself to a jog.  I love Todd and B's faces in this picture.
 Does Jared like swimming?  Definitely!  This is his cheeseball face.
 We didn't have the pool completely to ourselves, but it certainly wasn't crowded at 10 a.m. on a Thursday.  I wrenched my back a couple of weeks ago, thanks to a heavy baby going through a clingy phase, and it has gotten more and more painful with time, so swimming was a good activity for me.  All of the resting and lying down time I have gotten with Todd home the past few days has also helped.  I think it will be a while before I'm back to normal, but I feel a little better each day.  
 Kids can only run at 200% of their normal energy for so long.  Jared and Eloise both had locker room breakdowns out of sheer exhaustion.  Jared HAD to have a snack RIGHT NOW, and nothing was going quite right for Eloise.  Until I told her I wanted a picture.
Note the towel wrapped around her waist "like Daddy!"  I wish we could have swimming outings more often.  Next summer with all of its beach days cannot come soon enough for us.  

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